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Tales Of Terror

Here are some true supernatural stories. If you have any stories of your true experiences please email me so I can put them up on my page with your permission. If you dont want to use your real name I shall put it under a Jane/John Doe. Thanks.

The ghost that I worked with when I worked at a community center no one ever knew anything about his back ground. There may even be more than one that reside there. The one that I encountered there my 7 years seemed very harmless. I saw him walk across the gymnasium floor and just disappeared into the shadows. Another time was when I was alone in the office and my desk was about 5 feet from the counter that had cupboards below it. I was sitting at my desk when one of the doors opened and then closed right in front of me. I would try to talk to him but the only place that I could talk to him was in the staff rest room because it was the only room in the building that was not miked for security purposes. But I had never gotten any response. Now they are renovating the building and I would love to take an ouija board there and meet with the spirits just to see what they think. This building was a mens bath house back in the 20's. I don't know if it is someone that had an accident there or not. The man that I saw was in his 30's and had shoulder length brown hair. **By Shelly**

It all started about 8 months ago after my 8 year old was in bed. I would sit there and watch TV and I would constantly hear a baby crying. Thinking it was my son, I checked on him in case he was sleep talking but he was sound asleep. Then I would sit back down and watch telly again. Within a minute I would hear crying again, and again I would check on my son. Probably in a night I would hear this crying about 10 times and also check on my son 10 times. It was driving me insane. I thought I was going nuts.
One night a mate of mine came over and we were watching telly , when I heard the baby crying again - and I asked my mate if she heard it and thank god she said she had. I told her that every night I have heard this baby crying and I dont know where the hell it was coming from. Anyway a few days later I went to the doctors and she comfirmed that I was pregnant about 12 weeks. As soon as I found out that I was pregnant the crying stopped - never heard of it again. Sometimes I wonder if the crying was my unborn baby. **Jane Doe**

When I was around 5 or so I woke up with a strange feeling and I looked into my closet. I saw a figure watching me with red almond shaped eyes and a black/black cloak covering his head and body. I was screaming and crying when my parents heard me and came running into the bedroom.They told me I was just having a nightmare. Well most little kids have closet episodes about the monster in the closet or the boogie it was all forgotten until later, when I was older...that I saw a picture in a book and it was the same thing I exactly saw that night. It was like de ja vu. The picture was Asmodeaouse and he is the devils right hand man. It really freaked me out. **Conan**


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