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Semi - Precious stones

Semi-precious stones are also reowned for their occult powers, and act as very potent talismans for warding off evil and bringing good fortune. Here is a brief guide to the most popular semi-precious stones and their relevant powers...

Agate : Associated with long life, health, constancy. Of particular benefit to those born under Taurus and Gemini.
Amber : Imbued with healing powers. Of special help to those born under Gemini and Leo.
Amethyst : Protects against psychic attack, nightmares and depressive moods. Particularly helpful tp Pisces and Aries' subjects.
Beryl : Ensures a happy and fulfiling marriage. Especially helpful to Librans.
Bloodstone : Protects against evil gossip and rumour ; also deters treachery and blackmail. Of special help to Aries and Scorpio subjects.
Coral : Protects its owner from carelessness ; his own and that of others. Also a protective stone against dangers and risks at sea. Of special help to Taureans.
Diamond : Well known for its association with long and happy marriages. Also confers strength, honour, courage, pestige. Of special value to those born under Leo and Scorpio.
Emerald : Protects against rape and robbery ; also against depression. Known, too, for its power to reduce sadness and loneliness felt between separted lovers. A stone of special help to Virgos and Taureans.
Garnet : This is a stone for those of lustful intent.
Jade : Protects against poltergeists and other malefic beings. Also promotes wisdom and longevity. Of special help to those born under Aquarius and Virgo.
Lodestone : Brings luck in money and gambling matters when worn as a pair.
Moonstone : Provides mental inspiration and protection at sea. Of special help to cancerians.
Onyx : Reduces pain of childbirth, dispels nightmares.
Pearl : Associated with purity; a protector of virginity.
Ruby : Wards off bad luck and negative influeneces. safeguards against accidents. Particularly helpful to Leo and Capricorn subjects.
Sapphire : Another stone of specific help to Taureans. Protects against injury, illness and high fever. Also associated with spirtual awakening.
Topaz : Worn for protection against curses and the Evil Eye. Favours Gemini and Sagittarius subjects.
Torquoise : Protects against the Evil Eye. Helps eye problems.
Zircon : Brings peace of mind, dispels imaginary suspicions, allays jealousy. Also for protection whilst travelling.

These semi - precious stones can be worn by anyone of any zodical sign, but tend to naturally vibrate better if worn by persons of the signs recommended.

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