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Intergallactic World Of Uranus

Hey Everybody. How's it goin? Well, here is my little page that I'll be working on. Hope you enjoy whats in it so far. When you have time, take a look at the Photo *Click* Page. It'll be full in a couple of days so make sure you drop by again ok? I'll get back to you later. See ya.

Her Role As Sailor Uranus

Sailor Uranus appears at the beginning of Sailor Moon S. From her physical appearance, Haruka is almost indistinguishable from a boy. But, by adding to this fact that she acts like a boy by driving around on her motorcycle compounds the confusion of those who don't know her particularly well. She prefers to wear the male school uniform. For many girls, Haruka appears to be a handsome boy. However, when the Inner Scouts get crushes on her, Haruka teases them plentifully, especially after they find out that she is really a girl. As Sailor Uranus, she takes a more serious turn. She is utterly devoted to her mission, and is willing to sacrifice her and her partner's life if it would save the universe. She also possesses the first talisman; the Space Sword. Haruka uses these words World Shaking to generate a yellow ball of energy, which has all the devasting effects of an earthquake.

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