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Teeny Weeny Rene's Room

Hi everyone, my name is Rene, I'm the newest addition to the sailor scouts. Everyone (except Serena) is invited to look around my room. Before you go, you must promise to sign out guest book... well i'm gonna go spy on Serena, be back in a flash...

My New Life On Earth

Well, a long long time ago, me (Rini) fell down from the sky..determined to find the silver crystal so i could save my mommy in the other world (AkA the Future). Then I found out Serena had the crystal. So i warped her mom, dad, and brothers minds into thinking i was their long lost cousin so i could take the crystal. Serena never believed me but i was determined to get that crystal! So I guess it was all downhill for Serena from then!

Rini's Mini Album

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