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Welcome to Maria's Official Website.

This site was created and is maintained by Trevor mainly because she didn't think I would :o)

Maria Keepin' Da Beat

Maria Manganas is the type of person who gives herself away for other people. She is always full of generosity for others. She is also a very lucky fan of Cheap Trick and U2. She has met band members of both bands and continues to use them as inspiration for her artwork.

Maria first started drawing back in highschool. Since then, she has not lost any of that spark of creativity. To date, some of her most famous drawings have been of Cheap Trick, U2, and other various famous celebrities.

With the help of Maria, I have created this site for her, and for you, her friends. Please stop by this website often in support of Maria's effort in her artwork. As she is constantly strapped for time these days we will try our best to continue adding new drawings up frequently...


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