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The Other Onlyists: The Many Forms of Bible Version Onlyism Stupidity

(Series of Essays that Cover New King James Onlyists, NASB Onlyists, TR and Byzantine Manuscript Onlyists & Others)

The Preface to the KJV and the King James Only Position

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Good King, Bad King

How Christian was the king whose name is almost always associated with the Bible?

The REAL 1611 KJV
The KJV Has Shortcomings [An Outline about the Versions Controversy]
Bad Translations in the King James Version
Which Bible is the Word of God?

Which Bible Version is the Best?


Why Yet Another English Translation of the Bible?
Translations on Trial: Is Your Bible Corrupt?, by Robert G. Gromacki

This document is in .pdf format; you will need Adobe Acrobat to read it

The KJV and Modern Bible Translations by Andrew Bromage
You Are Using an Apostate Bible!

Article is Now Up Again!

Have You Violated the Teaching of the Bible With Your NASB? 'New Age' Bible Versions: How Dangerous Are They? New Age Bible Versions [by Gail Riplinger]: A Response [In P.D.F. Format]

WARNING: This is one of Dan Corner's sites; he promotes the heresy of "Conditional Security"

A Critique of Gail Riplinger's Scholarship and KJV Onlyism by Dan Corner

Ankerberg Site: Did Non-KJOist Dr. Don Wilkins Lose His Voice?

Three Early Biblical Translations

Bible Versions in Focus

Site has excerpts from the book

The KJV and the Textus Receptus, by Robert Nguyen Cramer The Bible: Its Original Languages and English Translations Information on Westcott and Hort's Greek NT Text
When the Bible Becomes An Idol: Problems with the KJV-Only Debate

Mentions KJOism

The King James Onlyism Cult Exposed & Refuted, from Christian Soldiers Ministry

Crossroads On-Line: King James Version Only?

[Unfortunately, they've moved this page! As of March 6, 2002, I've written them and asked where their article can be found]

A Response to the KJV Only Debate, by Eric Pement

WARNING: This is one of Dan Corner's sites; he promotes the heresy of "Conditional Security"

Dear King James Only Advocate

John Mark Ministries on the King James Only Controversy "Calvary Chapel" on Luke 11: 1- 28 and the KJVO Controversy
Following article points out that the King James Version was not always the "standard version," the most favorite, or "most popular" English Bible version:

More Information on the Geneva Bible


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