Join Evermore

We welcome everyone to join in the fun. Here's the joining information that you need.

  1. Please, read the Rules before signing up.
  2. To join, simply post your character information in the Message Board under the Character Info forum.
  3. Make sure that the title of the thread you make for your character profile is the name of your character. The name you use can be the nickname you would like to go by.
  4. Feel free to update your character by posting a reply in the thread you made stating the changes.
  5. If you have a webpage on which your character information is stored (ie. another RP site) then feel free to post that URL or just copy and paste the information from there.
  6. If there are any problems or confusion, send Claw and e-mail: claw153 at shaw dot ca
  7. Keep in mind that it isn't a requirement that you create a character profile, however it is very helpful and allows everyone to get a feel for your character.
Here's what you can put down in your character information, and feel free to give any other information you think is important to know about your character.