The Rules v. 4

No Powergaming
Powergaming includes but is not limited to: auto-hitting (not allowing a character to respond to an attack), killing a character without permission, giving your character god-like powers (cannot be harmed, are capable of using powers that no character should), and taking control of another player's character or NPC. Powergaming is only allowed in a case where permission is given by the other player (for some cases).

Be Understandable
Type to the best of your ability as far as grammar, spelling, and post structure is concerned. The other players should be able to understand you, otherwise your posts will be ignored.

PG-13 Rating
Try to keep things like swearing, graphic imagery, and sexual content to a minimum. Just try to keep younger users in mind.

We do not discriminate.
Slurs based on religion, sexuality, ethnic background, social situation, and physical or mental handicaps will not be tolerated at all.

Do not harass other members.
Harrassment and slander on the boards will be punished. No one comes online to be tormented. If a problem occurs on an instant messenger, you can be punished, The case would have, however, to tie in to Evermore and be more serious than simple annoyance. Arguements should be settled between the those arguing. Try to settle the situation, peacefully, between yourselves before going to an administrator or moderator.

One Role Play at a time
You can create as many characters as you like, but each character should be in only one role play at a time. Out of Character, Battles, and wacky RPs don't count for this rule.

Be Patient.
Just because some one didn't reply to you right away doesn't mean they are ignoring you. Everyone wants to have fun and play together, some one could be caught up in the moment and need a reminder, or perhaps they are just thinking of the perfect way to respond to your awesome post. Its unlikely you are being ignored.

Have fun.
Everyone an equal, whether old or new. Respect each other, and you will receive respect. Do your best, follow the rules, and try not to cause troubles with others, and everyone can have a good time.

Use common sense
Use common courtesy