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Frequently asked questions

You will find "Hovercraft" under several other names like surface skimmer, skimmer, air cushion vehicles or ground effect vehicle - the basic technical approach is the same. 
There are already several pages which will give you great info on the technical aspect - we try to post pages where with information you cannot find easily any where else. 
If it is your science project on ground effect vehicle, or surface skimmer feel free to look through the following pages and extract whatever is valuable to your project.
Do not get confused with all the names of air cushion vehicle! We hope you find some valuable info on the following pages. 

What is a Hovercraft?

A hovercraft is a vehicle which is suspended upon a cushion of air.  The cushion of air is generated by a fan which is attached to an engine which is attached to the hovercraft.  The cushion of air is contained by a flexible sleeve called a 'skirt' that is attached around the perimeter of the craft to hold the air under the craft and thus upon an air cushion.  The craft is then propelled by whatever means is necessary to carry it forward.  A majority of craft simply utilize a ducted fan or a propeller attached to a small 2 or 4 cycle
engine.  Be assured that pretty much every mode of propulsion known to man has already been tried from jet engines to sails.

 Control of a hovercraft is accomplished primarily through the use of rudders like the type used on aircraft.  The main difference would be, however, that hovercraft generally utilize many rudders rather than just one.  Another method of control is through 'puff ports'  or dual thrust fans where you would slow one down and speed up the other to turn in the direction desired.
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