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Welcome to 4

At 4wings Hovercraft development we want to provide some information about Hovercraft. Not only show you where  you can buy  a Hovercraft or Hovercraft plans, but as well as how to maintain your craft - with balancing your prop, get a new skirt ... 
We want to  point you in the correct direction to find your nearest Hovercraft club. In our "Hovercraft Forum" you can leave an inquiry or info for others. If you are at our web site the first time you will find a short description of all main and sub pages on our "Help - page " .
Each "Main category" has several "Sub categories". To list all pages here at the beginning would make navigating this site a bit confusing.

Please select your interest!

Most recent project:
Our most recent project is a Hovercraft locator. The purpose is that Hovercraft interested persons are able to locate the nearest Hovercraft in their area. Contact the owner and can get a hands on idea how a Hovercraft is working and maneuvering over different terrain. 
We would appreciate your help in building this locator. If you own or build a Hovercraft and are willing to share your knowledge with other Hovercraft interested persons please mail us your location with state and zip code.
We will build a simple database on a country - state to state level so a web surfer can locate a Hovercraft owner and get in contact with him - your reward is that you are able to help another Hovercraft interested person .
Thank you for your help - please mail your data to : 


What can you expect on this website.

This web site should be a platform to every Hovercraftinterested person and help to  find information about Hovercraftsaround the world. A place for everybody who has a great idea to increasingsafety and performance on Hovercrafts to tell it to others. You will notsee us praising  how great or perfect our stuff is compared to otherssince I believe it suck's if we build pages after pages about great products.You search for information and you shall find it - if it's not within ourpages feel free to mail us.

This HoverRingsite is owned by 
Michael Dolezal

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If our English is not totally perfect - pleaseexcuse us - it is a foreign language for us and instead of writing it inGerman we try our best to hold the info in English ... just sometimes wemiss it LOL.
Have fun and welcome to the our pages.

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