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Welcome to Limers Inc., a Trinidadian interest page. De limin'
now start! So look aroun'an' fix up. There are a lot of good
links to other Trini sites on the Links page, as well as pictures
of Trinidad and Tobagofor you on the Pictures page. Trini 101
has some popular sayings and local words. Downloads has really
cool programs for you to download.

The pictures site is growing all de time, and has some
of everybody's favorite places in T&T. The Music site was
kinda hurtin' but I discovered the world of MP3's, which is
something all a you Trini's should dig into because
the price of CDs back home are outrageous.

The real purpose of this site is to provide a feel of Trinidad on
the net. You won't find a whole heap of stats and demographics here
( I'll give you a link for that onthe Links page).

What you hopefully will find is that part of home
that words could never explain, as well as
cool programs for your PC.

If you happen to have any good quality pictures or,
any sound files feel free to send them to
me and I'll post them and give you credit.

Be sure to visit often, and feel free to drop
me a line if you have any suggestions.

You can take any images that you like ( Ol' Tief!),,
but just let me know where you put them
'caus I real like to see meh ting 'roun' de' place.

This Trinidad Online site owned by Limers Inc..

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