New Stuff 27 Feb 2004

Site redesign Part V. New ficlets. New MST for WSB in Randomness and an omake for Crushed Violets.  Some new links floating around. Various authors present a Wolf's Rain, a Gravitation and an X/1999 fic in Fanfiction oddly enough. Oh, and if something isn't working, make sure to report it to us. If you don't, we're pretty much screwed in a bad way.

Crushed Violet



Once upon a time, the internet was a benevolent, gracious force that served humanity without question.  The people were happy, and they worked to make the internet greater than it had been before.  But dark forces began to gather.  Those who controlled the web and knew it's tomes of secrets became too powerful.  Their power corrupted them.  They became... flat out rude.

In the midst of the resulting fray of misery, three [now four ^_^V] innocent (or relatively so) maids set out to change the world.  The people of cyberspace pensively watched them depart, not knowing what to hope for.  Would the dark forces be  banished? Probably not.  Would cancellation notices and random file deletions flee before them? No, never.  Would they strive to accomplish their dreams anyway? Well, if writing fanfiction of questionable content is a dream...

It is said that one of the children overheard this IM message pass between them...

Screw you we've moved!

Ya minna! And welcome to the world's most disgruntled fanfic page! Contrary to popular belief, yes, there IS a fanfic page here, the name is only reflective of our disgust with the service providers who have failed us in the past... over and over and over...

We now navigate simply at the left of the page because Ryuuichi's pants were confusing people, namely the webmaster who kept forgetting where she coded what.  You can hover over the links and icons to get screentips.  Mail icons are now coordinated with the writer colors [Vanyel's is grey].  Clicking on the little cubes next to a writer's name will take you to their profile.




The Queen of Blueberry Toast

Disclaimer: the writers of Screw You We Moved Fanfiction do not make any claim to series they used in their work.  Ideas and relationship expressed are probably not those of the rightful owners, but we can always hope.  Graphics now by this nice person!