Her are some more confusing words . . .

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Fuainaru Furayo(Final Flash)- One of Vegeta's tradmark attacks. It is an
extremely powerful attack that takes a long time to gather the energy for.

Genki Dama(Spirit Bomb)- An attack where Goku stands with his arms in the air
and gathers the energy of all the living things on that planet. The energy is
formed into a ball and is thrown. The strength of the attack depends on the size of the planet

Hai Kyuu Ken(Sphere Attack)- Tenshinhan's "volleyball" attack. He hits the opponent up into
the air and then flies up above them and slams them back down to the ground.

Jin Ruo Zetsu Metsu kou Geki(Mankind Destruction Attack)- Super Buu uses this attack. He finds every single person on earth's ki and then fires out a blast that kills every person.

Jiyuniaumidashi Cell(Cell Juniors)- These were the Cell Juniors created by Cell