Even more long words

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Kou Shiyoku(Light Eating)- With this attack you can eat Ki.

KameKame Ha(Turtle Turtle Wave)- Master Roshi's Death Move.

Nin Pou Bun Shin no Jutsu(Ninja Arts Dividing Art)- A technique that allows
you to split yourself into 5 of yourself.

Ma Fuu Ba(Evil Seal Attack)- a blast of energy that traps the opponent in it
and then the blast is controlled into a container where the enemy is trapped.

Oyako Kame Hame Ha(Parent and Child Turlte Blast Wave)- This is a Kame Hame Ha that
is assisted on by someone who is dead. Such as in Movie 10 when Goku helps out Gohan and
Goten or during Gohan's fight with Cell.