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Gwen's Glorious Gemstone Gallery

Opal, the Fire Stone


Through out history, Opals have been either favored as precious stones, or thought to be harbingers of bad luck, fortunately, the latter is no longer the case. Here at Gewn's, we have a selection of fine Opals. The images below show you a rough stones, then if you activate the link, you will see a page with a finished stone of the same type. We have both rough and finished Opals at Gwen's.

Beautiful Opals

Cherry Opal Rock The cherry opal is a brilliant red stone. Here it is shown in a matrix of brown stone. This opal becomes even more brilliant when it is properly cut and polished. Be sure to look at the finished stone, it is wonderful.

Black Opal RockThe Black Opal, or Black Fire Opal is one of the most treasured of all the Opal family. This stone is most often found in Australia, and makes a trip "down under" a wonderful reason to acquire several of these marvelous stones.

Fire Opal RockA Mexican Fire Opal is one of the most dynamic of the clear Opals. Once you have held one in your hand, you will never again think of Opals as only stones with traditional fire. These Mexican Fire Opals will change your life forever. The cut and polished stone is almost overpoweringly beautiful.

Colors Available

Here at Gwen's, we have the following Opals available.

Note: the color listed is the color of the base stone, if there is fire in the stone, we put a [F] after the color.

Red - Cherry Opal
Orange - Mexican Fire Opal
Yellow - Honey Opal [F]
Blue - Hyalite
Clear - Water Opal
White - White Opal [F]
Black - Australian Black Opal [F]

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