Gwen's Glorious Gemstone Gallery

Gwen's Glorious Gemstone Gallery

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Welcome to Gwen's Glorious Gemstone Gallery. We are the largest genuine gemstone shop in
all of Emporia, Virginia. Our commitment to you is that we will offer you only natural gems.
Our gems have not been "cooked," "tweeked," "adulterated," or modified in any way. What
you see is just exactly what Mother Nature created. All human hands have done is to our gems is to
bring out their inner fire by cutting and polishing them. You will not be disappointed with
our stones, they are a wonderful investment.

Gemstones are generally divided into two categories: those with color, and clear stones. Our
stock is mostly made up of colored stones. We have a very few diamonds or other clear stones,
as many shops carry those. We specialize in the wonderful colored stones that are so very rare and
precious. Stop by and check out our stock, it changes very often as we have buyers around the world
looking for the best quality gems.

For the very discerning collector, we have a very small stock of natural pearls along with our
colored stones. These are true natural pearls, not the more common and easily found cultured
pearls. We have a supplier in the Pacific region that will find specialty pearls for that special
someone. Please remember that our buyers need at least 3 months, and more frequently 6 months or more
to find exactly the gem you require. Please allow sufficient lead time in yourquest for true beauty.

Stop in and visit us, and prepare yourself for a wondrous adventure. We are just down the
block from the entrance to the Greensville Ruritan Club grounds. Stop by on your way to or from the port
Festival, and be amazed at the beauty nature can create. Our address is:

Gwen's Glorious Gemstone Gallery
231 Lee Street
Emporia, VA 23847

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