Here is some attack moves you might want to know

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Akuma Kousen(Devil Light Ray)- When the Ki blast hits you it causes all
the evil in your heart to expand making you explode. If you have no evil
in your heart the move will not work on you

Ban Koku Bitsu Kuri Shinoyu(Bangkok Method)- An attack that uses an electric
energy net to trap the enemy and stop from being able to move.

Chou Nou Ryoku(Psychic Ability)- A move that is performed by putting either
one or two hands infront of you. With the move you can control someone's
movment or cause them to feel pain. As long as you keep your concentration on the
move alone, you can maintain it.

Dodon Pa(Finger Blast)- A blast shot out of one finger that explodes when it hits its target

Baku Riki Ma Ha(Strength Evil Blast)- An extremely powerful ki blast that
when used pretty much kills everything in its way