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Welcome to my third section of my site
First was Digimon
then it was Pokemon and
now the
know its the

The Rovers in order are
The Master

Yes the Road Rovers, these dogs aren't your average: frisbee catchin', leg liftin', cat chasin' canines.
these dogs can blow the world sky high if they wanted to.

Who are these walkin' talkin' gun firing, car drivin' dogs?

Well these are 6 dogs a Collie (Colleen), Doberman (Blitz), Komondor (Shag), Rottweiler (Muzzle), Siberian Husky (Exile) and Golden Retriever/Pointer/Setter/Greyhound-mix(Hunter). (*wow* that is one mixed-up pup).

First, off let me introduce each one of these dogs and what they are like.

Well, their cool they can do things not every dog or animal can or get to do.

When you stick a dog in to one of thesedogtransmifier.

these six dogs who go from






This is one heck of a team......
Hey they agree.. Cool:-)


The first is Hunter the Golden-Mix (I am not repeating myself), 
This is Hunter before
He is from America  . This dog is very proud of his nations ( they all are), but he is strong enough to what's right

after . Hunter is the leader of the pack and is very good at what he does in more ways they one. He is  a fast dog. He can run up to speeds of 90 and so mph. (pretty fast)
He is usually the one driving the vehicles and is the one to do almost everything first (duh, he's the leader). Hunter is a very loyal friend he is there for his friends and doesn't think its the end of the world when something goes wrong. He is also the only one who hasn't been to mean to Blitz.
He as also introduce us to his mother, who is very confident in her son. He is also kinda not all there because Colleen once said "Have thought of Drivers ed?" and Hunter says "I am an experience driver and my name isn't Ed. funny.  His quotes: are Yet, another unexpected twist...Bummer or I would not have predicted this.
    He lives in WASHINGTON, D.C. here are famous buildings that are around him:

Washington Monument                White House                                             Capitol Building

Lincoln Memorial                                                Jefferson Memorial


Next is the one and only lady of the team. Colleen the beautiful Collie. 

Colleen as went from the streetbefore. and to the high chair of royalty. after. Colleen is the only lady in the group and she is in second command. She is the only  one who doesn't act like she stupid (sometimes). Colleen is a very smart lady. Who is very talented in Karate, seriously ask Blitz he knows the feeling hee...hee... hee... Colleen has a war between her who she like the most Hunter? or Blitz? weird. Who do you think she likes? She also like to help Exile with techno stuff, but always makes him grumpy. (because he rather do it himself). Colleen is a very unique part of the team. She is a very brilliant friend to have around. She will do what is right for her country. "Wave it high" she says the flag (nothing else).

Colleen see things like these in her city of London:

Big Ben                                    Buckingham Palace                                                                    Tower Bridge

St.Paul's Cathedral                                            Westminster Abbey

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