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Welcome to Zero Tolerance, a website focusing on alternate universe Gundam Wing fanfiction. If you're looking for unusual fanfiction which includes many original characters, you've come to the right place. If you're looking for the usual Heero/Relena, Quatre/Dorothy, and Wufei/Sally pairings, then you may want to check out the links page for a site that caters more to your tastes. Zero Tolerance boasts an abundant addition of original characters to the Gundam Wing universe. All fanfics here are superbly written and exciting to read. So, if you're willing to keep an open mind and looking for something interesting to read, look no further!

Note: Zero Tolerance is a no-hentai, no-yaoi, no-profanity site. Some fics may be rated PG due to violence.


Yes, he may have realized that they were very much alike, but perhaps that wasn’t the problem. Heero did not trust himself, therefore he could not trust her.

~Arys Walker, To See Beyond Light

Wondering what happens after death? Here's how you can know.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that the image gallery is not working because I am in the process of taking it down. It's taking up way too much room and I want Zero Tolerance's focus to always be on the fanfics. Sorry to those who surfed here expecting to find cool pics of the G-boys! *sheepish grin*


Dustin has begun a new fanfiction continuing the story from his fic The Forgotten.

The System


In the aftermath of the Forgotten's attack, the Earthsphere Unified Nation struggles to cope with the loss of life and the Preventers defend themselves against viscous attacks for their military actions. The time is perfect for the power behind every leading military force since the founding of the colonies to finally rise from the shadows and accomplish its centuries long goal; with the help of the Gundam pilots themselves.

Here are the links to the prologue and the first two chapters!

The System: Prologue

The System: Chapter One

The System: Chapter Two

Many thanks, Dustin, for sending in your new fic!



This is not an update of the actual site. :( Just an update on what is going on with it. I have very little time nowadays to write fanfics of any kind, but I still want to leave Zero Tolerance up in case any new fans of Gundam Wing stop by and are looking for some fanfiction to read. I did go through the mess in the guestbook and clean out the spam. Yuck!

I hope all of you authors are doing well out there! I'm sorry that I am not able to update the site anymore. I have a 2-year-old and am expecting my 2nd child, another boy. :) If anyone has some great ideas for fanfics hit them though, please feel free to send them to me! I may not be able to write my own fanfics but I certainly can post them. :)



We have the eighth chapter of Shattered Walls in from Arayelle! Enjoy!


Arayelle has sent in the seventh chapter of Shattered Walls! Read it here!

As you can tell I do not update this website very much anymore, but I will continue to leave it up for people to visit. :) After all, it is free space. Many thanks to Arayelle who keeps this site alive with her wonderful chapters!



I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year! Arayelle has sent in the sixth chapter of Shattered Walls. You can read it right here!

As always, enjoy!



An early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! Arayelle Lynn sent in the fifth chapter of Shattered Walls earlier this month but our computer started acting strange about a week or two ago and my husband had to do a complete system restore on it. It took a few days to get everything backed up on the hard drive. >_<

Anyway, here is Chapter 5 of Shattered Walls just in time for Christmas! :) Thanks so much to Arayelle for sending it in! Enjoy!

~Happy Holidays!


Dustin has revised and completed his fanfic The Forgotten. Here are all the chapters for your reading enjoyment. :) Thanks, Dustin, for sending it in!

The Forgotten: Chapter 1
The Forgotten: Chapter 2
The Forgotten: Chapter 3
The Forgotten: Chapter 4
The Forgotten: Chapter 5
The Forgotten: Chapter 6
The Forgotten: Chapter 7
The Forgotten: Chapter 8
The Forgotten: Chapter 9
The Forgotten: Epilogue



Arayelle has sent in Shattered Walls: Chapter Four. Enjoy! And thanks so much, Arayelle, for keeping up writing this story for us to read! :)



Sorry about the wait, Arayelle, in getting your chapter up! Here it is now though! :-) Arayelle's fanfic, Shattered Walls III. Enjoy!



We now have a shiny new message board that is SO much better than the old one. I'll leave the link up to the old one for now, but if active message board posters would like to continue or restart the thread from the old message board, please do so. :-) The "forums" button to the left will take you to the new message board. Also, this message board requires registration so if you're a ZT author, please use your author name so I know who you are. :-) If you're a visitor who likes Gundam Wing and wants a place to discuss GW and anime in general, you are welcome to join too! Let me know if you all have suggestions for categories or boards and I can put those up!

Happy posting!


P.S. Almost forgot to mention that the new message board will open up in a new window, so you can browse messages and through the ZT site at the same time.


We have the second chapter of Arayelle's fic Shattered Walls! And in two words, it rocks! :-) Thanks so much for sending it in, Arayelle!

I should be updating again either tomorrow or sometime next week with a new author. :-) I'm really sorry about the big gap between updates, but I don't have much time to write anymore with my baby and when I do write, I'm working on short stories for a sci-fi/fantasy e-zine. I love being a mom though! Corran is such a sweetie... most of the time. ;-)



Happy Labor Day, everyone! :-) We have the first chapter of Arayelle's sequel to Shattered Mirrors, Shattered Walls! Read and enjoy!



Wow, can you believe it's September already! :-)

We have a whole new story from Melissa this month. It's called Gambit and you can read Chapter One here. Enjoy!



Arayelle has turned in the final chapter of Shattered Mirrors. Don't worry though. She isn't finished yet!



Justin has returned with a new Gundam Wing fanfic called Blaze of Glory. The following chapters are available:




A new chapter of Shattered Mirrors is in! Enjoy!



Many thanks to Arayelle for sending in Chapter 14 of Shattered Mirrors. Quite a revelation in this chapter! :-)



Arayelle has sent a great Chapter 13 of Shattered Mirrors! I can't wait to find out what happens next!

And I've put Justin's fics back up. *big grin* I'm very glad that your writing gets to stay, Justin!



As Justin has requested, I am removing his fanfiction from Zero Tolerance. His writing will be missed! :-(


Arayelle comes through with Chapter 12 of Shattered Mirrors! Enjoy! :-)


Yuy Ren has sent in Chapter 9 of Life Beyond Life. Sorry about the long wait, folks!

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