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Site last updated on September 9, 2002.

Remember September 11th this year by visiting my online store. Tranny Rock will be donating 9.11% of all it's sales from 9/11-10/11/02 to the Red Cross to commemorate the one year anniversary of the tragic events.

Tranny Rock Online Store

Also, listen to the Tranny Rock radio station throughout September to hear a playlist consisting of many patriotic and New York centered songs.

G-d Bless America,
Producer of Tranny Rock

Tranny Rock Artist - 9/9/02
Who is your favorite Tranny Rock artist or album?
Ru Paul
Boy George
Bitch and Animal
Jayne County
David Bowie
Anything from Rocky Horror (Various)
Anything from Hedwig
Any transgender artist
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To the person who so mistakenly stated that there are no tranny's on the list...
Bitch and Animal has a Male to Female tranny in it...
RuPaul is a Drag Queen, so there fore transgendered...
Jayne County is a male to female transsexual...
Boy George was gender bending in the 80's...
hmm...did I answer your doubts?

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Remember 9/11 forever. G-d bless America.

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If you can't get Tranny Rock to play, here are a few tips.

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