Saturday, December 13, 2003
Went out with Aurore and assorted peopl today. The MCA with a great exhibit by Kerry James Marshall. Provocative and witty.
Listening to Beth Orton while the first snow falls. It seems appropriate and brings back memories of walking through snow lit by the sodium lamps overhead. Everything had a slight orange glow and music from "Trailer Park" playing in my ears on that still night.
More later.

Marilyn says/I've nothing to wear tonight
I do love Bryan Ferry so....
What a week! Finals coming up. I haven't studied a jot.
Wed. was all about Milwaukee. We were supposed to leave around 4 so as to be early for the 6 o'clock bus. That's right, the Greyhound, the dog, the...well I don't know any other names for it. LaLinda going ostensibly for shopping and drinking. I'm going for the shits and giggles of it all.
We didn't leave at 4 and for the first time not because LaLinda was late. No, this time it was all about me.
I had to finish and email a paper then take a shower. But this was not the true reason, oh no.
I just decided to take the slow, calm way LaLinda style. But in his defense, he's gotten MUCH better about the time thing in the past couple of years. Unfortunately, as with so many things between us, I seem to have taken up what he has dropped.
So we get to the station and enter the island of lost souls. A large station all black railings, grid ceilinged, industrial style. Everyone seems like either a homeless person, student, or migrant worker. We have a snack: nasty cheese pizza for LaLinda, jumbo hot dog with onions and fries for me ( I'm sorry I can't give you tomato, they only allow me to put onion and nothing else on the dogs ).
We eat, listen to the crazy lady and her solitaire-playing friend behind us as they listen to us. We laugh a bit and I proceed to sing my version of Neil Diamond--On the streets and in the towns/ The armpit of America! --LaLinda then follows up with the new Chevrolet! because I hear myself doing Neil Diamond but LaLinda hears a cheesy car commercial. This will set the tone for the next 3 hours.
3 hours because that's how long it took to get from Chicago to Milwaukee.
The trip should've taken 1 hr and 30 mins. or so. But because of my lateness, we ended up on the loooong ride stopping in Skokie, Waukegan, and Kenosha on the way to Milwaukee.
LaLinda was not pleased.
I however, hopped up on Hi-C and latter Coca-Cola, was having a gay old time talking, laughing, and munching Ruffles during the last half hour of the journey in the dark bus on the dark road.
It was actually fun because I haven't been anyplace in a while and going down the road in a bus at night always feeds into my wanderlust and journeyman rocker fantasies---from one night stand to one night stand . Being a gay male however puts that statement in a whole 'nother light, if you get my drift.
So we make it into downtown Milwaukee at 11. Having left at 8 after being scheduled for 7:30.
LaLinda had moved from near me to take an empty two-seater behind so he could stretch out a bit and nap, so he was in a much better mood upon arrival.
We get out of the small station and start our journey.
Which I will continue tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003
"I believe in a thing called love" by the Darkness may be the BEST GODDAMN video of the year.
i've seen it a number of times and everytime I laugh like a freak. For a rock fanboy such as myself it's an orgy of memories and references. Form Tolkinesque celtic magery in the style of Led Zepplin to the ugly bassist in cowboy boots in the manner of any and all glam bands of the 80s, they manage to pack it all into a 3 minute video. And they don't sound ironical about it (unlike that smarmy fuck Jack Black and the odious Tenacious D.) it's all real and having seen them perform on MTV Europe video awards (as well as reading others reviews) apparently they can rock just like they sound. Too cool.
i finshed some work and have more to do before next week's finals. LaLinda wants to go to Milwaukee tomorrow to hit some gay bars (woo!) so I have to get everything done if I want to go.
I have a noon appointment Thurs. with Prof. Z. I don't how I'll make that, get enough sleep, AND manage to make my 6 p.m class (with the same prof.) Something's getting cancelled!
Met a new friend for coffee on Sat. I will call him by his first name, Ray, from here on out. Nice guy, plenty to talk about and made me think. Wore an interesting cologne as well. He's off on a writing residency so I'll see him when he comes back.
Supposed to do a group thing with Aurore Sat. at the MCA. I hope it comes off as I have'nt seen here in a bit and want to reconnect even in a group. Plus it would be nice to get to the MCA again after so long.
i'm freaking out because after counting up my credit hours, it seems I am THIS close to getting my masters.
I need to do a thesis and it's like pulling teeth trying to get a good idea, readers, and help.
A Prof. L. has offered to help with the quant side (if I ever figure out what kind of regressions or statistical analysis I'll be doing) after chatting with me in a study session in the office of Selena and with Leftheros. And I'm supposed to talk with Prof. Z and will ask him to give me some ideas.
I really already have a research topic for my thesis but I'm not sure it's "economical" enough. At this point it's almost too sociological. I may choose something totally different and do the topic I have in mind just for me and a future book. I'm not sure.
I'm so in debt it's not funny and broke as a joke on top of that.
I really need a job but want to keep the TA position I got for next (most likely my last)term.
FUCK! Why can't anything be easy?
I don't know why I bitch so much. Face it, I've got it pretty damn good.
Listening to: MTV in the background, "It's my Life" by No Doubt (not a total suckfest but...)

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