Friday, November 21, 2003
Just reading some of my old posts. This has inspired me to write something more substantial has my latest posts have been a bit thin due to mi vida loca.
Just saw Al Green on Jay Leno. Totally by accident as I've had the TV on in the background while websurfing and listening to the Hidden Cameras (love it, love it!).
I swear I will go see him in concert the minute he comes within spitting distance of Chicago. I have loved him (oh my God, I forgot I had his greatest hits cd on my cd player and it just started as I write this...) for such a long time and stand in awe of his soulfulness. The fact that his voice has aged so gracefully (compare him with the sad wreckage that is Aretha Franklin for instance) and he still dances around like a retard and it's so beautiful.
Anywho...hung out with Ohio girl and discovered I could blow off an exam that had been vexing me all day. I was not alone in this decision apparently as Letheris emailed that he wasn't feeling well and would miss our study session and Selena just didn't show up to her office(our meeting place) at all. Which was fine, because it made me read the syllabus again where I found this exam was indeed optional. So I turned my ass around and brought it home.
"Call me" is playing. I love that song. It sort of reminds me of when I was seeing Austin last year. What a beautiful time/we had together. Now it's getting late/and we must/leave each other
Anyway...went out with LaLinda on Tues. has per usual. Multi-drinks and karaoke. I'm such a freak
Every damn time he makes us sing Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams". Now this was originally (3 weeks or so ago) my idea because A.) I love the song because it sums up my relationship with the gay community in Chicago so well and B.) otherwise he would've made us sing goddamn "Don't go breaking my heart" AGAIN
I mean it was funny once, but damn....
So we sing that and the fags ate it up (of course, because we're not that horrible at it and the song is such a nice change from the usual crowdpleasing disco shite everybody else likes to do).
I chatted with Sukie de la Croix (I so love semi-famous local celebrities so!) who wants to get me in his photography studio (RIGHT...) and I drank my fill. John (LaLinda's sad ass friend) didn't show, thank GOD, though I missed the ride home.
No long hangover, thankfully. I finished an essay (that I'm posting in my "Essay" section of my webpage) and started more thinkin' and schemin' for the rest of the year and next.
I need to call Alice B., though I don't trust her, but that might not be an issue as I only want to hang out and really can avoid her job related shit stirring as I no longer really am with the IMA. I cleared my desk of their projects and their load of new research assistants would seem to preclude my being involved in future stuff.
Which is fine. I just wanted to go where I could with them and I think I have. Anyway Jim got me that great job interview (going in on Mon. to meet with the Pres. of the place for interview numero deux). I'd like to get it but won't completely care if I don't cos I;ve got some stuff in place for next year. Thank God for a bit of forward planning.
Now "How can you mend a broken heart?" is playing. I always imagined the Bee Gees hearing Al's version of it and just shaking their heads in wonder at his arrangement and feeling.
I'm such a little fanboy tonight.
That's enough for now.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003
I finally figured out to fix my stupid blogging site. but only after a couple of emails and angry tirades. i am such a geek.
Anywho...I'm trying to meet new people via your friend and mine, the world wide web. Something feels right about it and not quite as weird as personals or even club trawling. Because you can make it clear from the start who you are and what your attentions are, even if you modify them later. And best of all, no smoky nights or hangovers with all your ill-considered words and choices to haunt you guilitily the next day---or is that just me?
i've got to get on top of my reading. The goddamn books are piling up and I'm starting to feel like a lameass. I'm trying to get some new research going. A bit of institutionalism, a bit of prison recidivism, and just a hint of urban desegregation! MMMMM, that's a spicy meatball!
I really wanna do some volunteer work with Gerber Hart library. I really admire what they do and have tried to go to their annual booksales (ooooh, porn for only $2! i'll take the lot!). I've got to drag my candyass over there and sign up.
That's it for now.
Listening to: Steppin' Out-Joe Jackson, Invincible Summer-k.d. lang, The smell of our own-Hidden Cameras, and lots of Aretha Franklin

Monday, November 17, 2003
on and on...

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