Thursday, April 03, 2003
tired, lazy, unenthused and generally out of it. These are my moods du jour (hell, my moods du semaine!)
it seems that i will be working on a project at the Institute, though for a bit less money than originally thought. Ang and I are freaking out over this, but i feel confidant we can get it done tout court and make out pretty good. The director is really on board and has some possible shortcuts to make things easier research-wise. The project i'm doing for him looks like it's gonna take forever if we can't settle on what the supporting data will be. I mean, it's a budget report analyzing changes in municipal spending and revenues. With what he's talking about, i might as well input the entire funds summary into the database (!).
met some new people (okay, one) but she seems cool and we're gonna hang out. happily, she's gay, so it'll be nice. not that i have a problem with hets, it's just nice not to have to explain or live down any stereotypes. Case in point, I was telling Ang about how I was dressing a bit differently a few years ago. She said, "more flaming?", and not as a joke. Now why should she interpret "different" as "flaming"? I don't think I'm being overly sensitive, but would she have asked this if i was straight? For the record, I was favoring black and trendy clothes a few years ago as opposed to my all-things-preppy look of the moment.
Not that gay people don't hold stereotypes about each other. Whites seem to expect blacks to be snap-queens. Blacks expect whites to be prissy and non-accepting of anybody non-white. Lesbians expect gay men to be promiscous. Gay men expect lesbians to be butch-y and anti-man. Lovely stereotypes, one for everybody.
I need a job.
I'm working on my calculus and feeling very unfabulous.
I have'nt read anything in a week.
I got an "A" on one midterm,but i'm unhappy because it wasn't the highest score in the class.
I don't know what I'm going to do about the fall--or the summer for that matter, cos even with this paid project, poverty is assured for the next few months.
i'm sure that i'm going to have a coronary any day now due to years of abuse, but i don't want to have to deal with the reality by going to the stress test i have scheduled in a couple of weeks.
Venting is fun!
Listening to: Nothing at all new, cos I can't spend any money on new cds, so it's more of the same: Daft Punk-Discovery, Blue Six-Blue Six, Tricky-Maxinquaye, Pre-Millenium Tension (a blast from the trip hop past!)

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