Saturday, February 08, 2003
Austin had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago but is somewhat on the mend now. Aurore was with him (along with his boyfriend and Rayne) when it happened. She was quite freaked out (naturally). I visited him last week, but he was still non compos mentis. His favorite niece was there as was the boyfriend, Rayne, and others...I went with Aurore). An odd experience that reminded me of my parents.
He's on the mend, but apparently not completely lucid or really in the present.
The project is still moving along, but not today as I am sick as a whipped dog and unable to do much more than surf the web and continue not talking to my brother.
The latter came about due to an argument he started and I proclaimed him no better than a 12 year old. Which is true. Like most men he wants it his way on his time schedule. Unfortunately for him I am also a man and feel the same way. Thus conflict will arise. I am softening somewhat as I am not really capable of cutting some one so close to me completely off but trust me, it's easier to keep him at a distance until I completely cool off.
I should be studying but I'm not studying, which is unfortunate cuz I feel like an idiot in my Underdevelopment class. I wasn't able to even define simple macro topics as they arose. AAAArrrrgh! So either I'm more of a third rater than I thought or I just need to concentrate. I prefer to believe the latter rather than the former.
To sum up the other major trauma of last week, I will refer to an email sent to Aurore on Thursday:

My computer was giving me "Operating System Not Found"
last night. Fuck!
I called the pc company(still open at 10 oclock our
time) and talked to some pimple faced fuck who told me
i'd have to restore cd. Thus loosing all my hard
earned porn and thesis info. Fuck!!!
I go to work today and check out the problem on the
internet. Every forum said that this message meant
the hard drive was damaged, i've lost all my info and
i have to replace the goddamn hard drive...BY
MYSELF!(cuz I didn't buy that extended fucking
warranty from those fucks at Best Buy)
So I call the pc company tonight after my night class,
I figure, what the hell, maybe they can help.
And guess what?
It turns out the problem was that i left a floppy disk
in the A-drive when i shut the thing down the day
before all the problems started. The fuck???
So I'm back online now and I will FINALLY back up my
info like everybody says one should.
I know you're at work now, but I'm gonna surf the
internet, download porn and harass people.
I've got a whole day to make up for....

So there you have it. I will not add the fact that I feel poor, unloved and fat as well as sick as a dog. Or that I don't think my professors like me. And how sad is it that the only I have to look forward to tonight is the new "Abolutely Fabulous"? What the fuck is my problem?
Everybody else, as it turns out....

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