Friday, December 20, 2002
so finals are over.
i put in a slightly half-assed effort but feel my scores are'nt in jeopardy due to all the work done previously.
I've been listening to techno like it's going out of style today. Kinda neat cos I just got Fashion's cd which is mainly made up of their "Fabrique" album. Talk about obscure! I remember loving them in 82-83. Zeus B. Held, the keyboardist and producer later went on to produce the groundbreaking Dead or Alive album. I believe that work with it's use of the HI-N-RG rhythms so popular in London (and later Chicago and New York) underground gay discos pioneered the mainstream acceptance of disco type music in the late 80s and early 90s. But beyond that, the obsession with surfaces, money, fashion and style that typiefied the best of 80s dance culture (e.g. Duran Duran) is something I always found interesting. Cos it all came out of the work of Roxy Music, Bowie and the best Philly soul. And most importantly, the band Chic. What is wrong with a beautiful stylisy package that surrounds interesting edgy sounds? And I'm not talking about this Electroclash nonsense of the moment or just taking 80s anachronisms in music and fashion as an ironic youthful position. To quote the Streets, "Let's move things forward!"
Saw an excellent Egyptian film from 87 last night on dvd. "Alexandrie encore et toujours"(Alexandria again and forever). the director Chahine told a personal story about a director obsessed with his actor, as an alter ego and, seemingly, romantic ideal. Beyond that, it touched on the director's place as the first Arab to win a major film award, the turmoil of trying establish democratic government in Egypt and how directing is being a father, lover, child, dictator and high priest all at the same time. Not the greatest film but a good one. Not a waste of time and it kept me interested and wanting to know more about his other works.
Meeting Aurore tomorrow for work on our collaboration.
I'm also picking up my reading again, not surprising really as I've got a couple of weeks before I start "work" at the IMA. I say "work" because it's really volunteering. But I'm hoping it will lead to something and they are willing to teach me SPSS so I can't complain. I think the Director doesn't know what to make of me or my project. I wonder if I come off as a idiot savant to some and a dilletante to others? I know I shouldn't care, but I do. I like external affirmation of my work and ideas. Man is not an island. An yway, I read "Jeremy Thrane" today. Not bad at all. I got it and a bunch of other books for free in the library "Discard" room. Very handy.
I want to catch up with all my reading before the next term starts and try to get my project planned out. I have to start work on the thing. It is my thesis project after all as well as the basis for my future dissertation....oh well, I need a drink, but not right this second. I think I'll just do some more crap online first.

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