Saturday, December 14, 2002
okay, another long time since my last post...where to start?
i've been networking like a bastard with some return which i will not go into right now.
i've been watching dvds like they're going out of style cos the library lets one rent them for free. so i've been going crazy. i watched "come undone" just to see if there were scenes on the dvd not on the vhs version i have. and there were! what the fuck! i don't understand that at all.
what i really don't understand is all the nudity and sex in everything these days. like in " come undone" there's one masturbation scene near the beginning (jeremie elkaim has a cute uncircumcised french pee pee i must say) and hot man and man sex throughout. no big deal and actually part of the story. but i've seen screen caps from the movie "pola x" on the web were you have an erect Guillaume Depardieu having hot sex with either an extra or the actual actress, depending on whose version of the event you believe. Yikes!
i wonder if it's sleazy or not? i mean, i like hardcore as much as the next guy, but geez!
i'm collaborating with Aurore on a project right now and hopefully we'll present sometime in the spring. We worked at her place today, brainstorming and thinking up costumes and dialogue. i'm nervous cos i'm not into being on stage or an audience but i think it will be very cool and it definitely touches on some issues we both think need to expanded on.
Finals next week, i'm completely unprepared and not making much of an effort....
Been kind of in a funk all week. Just draggy, down...BEAT.
I'm feeling somewhat better today but everything still sucks.
I wonder if I'd feel better if I had a man in my life or if he'd just add to my malaise...
Listening to: Herbert-"Bodily Functions", REM-"Monster", Dusty Springfield-"Dusty in Memphis"

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