Monday, November 11, 2002
Just finished banging out 5 pages for tomorrow's class. I totally forgot the damn thing was due. DUH!
I always said I could bang out a paper in an evening if I needed to, and the last 3 hours are a testament to that. But I hate that I had to do it. It's not my style at all to wait until the last minute(and I have no idea why I forgot about the thing until so late). It will be interesting to see what I get. It seems like a B paper to me, but compared with everyone else's weak efforts, who knows....
Found out that one of the female guests at Aurore's party thinks I'm the bees knees. While that's all nice and good, WHY is it only women seem to be interested in me these days? I mean, I like the attention and I like to flirt but it isn't going ANYWHERE.
I. need. a. man.
Bought some bookcases Sat., they'll be delivered this week . I;m in home mode right now (so's my bro for some reason, he's been doing a bit of redecorating in the bathroom that I don't totally approve of but hey, if he wants to do it, great!)
I have some ideas for furture papers. I'd like to do research on the relationship between the Irish and Black community in Chicago. I never knew how much they were at each other's throats until my recent readings in my Black Chicago class!
I really have to learn how to network. How is it that some people seem to effortlessly get mentors and helpful people?
I think I've probably harped on that before....
I'm not tired, but my fingers are.

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