Thursday, July 18, 2002
LaLinda is going to Prague (again).
I hate the bitch (but the knowledge that he's going in July and no one will be in the city gives me a nice happy feeling).
He better bring me back something this time!

well, quite a couple of days that I've had...
a friend(?) that I will call Austin from here on emailed with a note that explained why I've not heard from him in a couple of weeks but still left me scratching my head. It seems he had big news to tell me about a change in his romantic life but was nervous about telling me. I can only ascribe this to either (a.)that he didn't get the (repeated) memos on the state of our relationship or (b.)the man has serious clouds in his coffee...i've decided that the benefit of the doubt is warranted and so I basically emailed back that things are the same as far as I am concerned. I'm glad Austin's moving into a romance. Now if I can just get myself hooked up everything will be cooool.
I'm going to post a couple of my writings in the "Essay" section of this website. Why? Because I can.
Today's been slow and easy for which I am grateful. However, I just found out that the damn workmen who are installing new windows for us have decided to come tomorrow instead of next Tuesday. Meaning I now have to shift furniture, store glassware, and hide porno in one evening instead of over the whole weekend. The fucks!
Oh well, back to coding my website...

Tuesday, July 16, 2002
ah, another day another fuck all.
i am sitting here listening to this.
God, 1982.
What a gasser.
All I ever wanted to be was a New Romantic. Oh well.
But what is old is new again. Have you seen any of that "ElectroClash"/FischerSpooner/neo-new-wave stuff about now? I was listening to Felix da Housecat earlier today and the whole thing is so early 80s it hurts. It's like he listened to a mix tape some cool kid made in high school circa 1980 and regurgitated it.
Making new synths sound old.
Very amusing.
I talked to my friend LaLinda forever today, which kind of made up for the lonely feeling I've had lately. I'm trying to get over that but it's not easy. Or rather it's not so easy when you're in hermit mode because you hate heat and find the idea of being social in 90 degree weather about as appetizing as having shit smeared on you (it's not the best analogy but I'm working on a budget here).
Also, I'm questioning just how exihibitionistic I really am.
Not very I think.
So, just so it's understood, I will be using pseudonyms (e.g. "LaLinda" mentioned above) for anyone I know personally or plan on snogging/shagging in the near future.
And I will keep my personal sleaze to a low roar since I don't mind being a slut but I'd rather keep the good stuff for my future smasheroonie best-seller "Capitalist Filth:writings on economic sleaze", which is my deep research into how individual sexual choices lead to satisfaction in a free-market economy. What is the real value of hot manlove in a society jaded by experience and craving novelty? I've been using a sample set of males aged 25-54 and have been taking my own personal survey. Statistics will be provided, natch.
I'm so not kidding...

give me love
give me peace on earth.

Monday, July 15, 2002
let's see it now....ah, finally!
Technology is not a bitch, it's a bastard that you eventually have to accept and claim as your own. So now I'm going to be more of an exhibitionist than ever before.
Today was spent in not so much of a funk. Between figuring out this thing and napping, I've managed to waste the day quite effectively. Still pissed off about my personal crap and mentally wandering in and out of nostalgia and regret.
Middle-age sucks...
I was completely amused to see the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" on AMC tonight. I watched the last 40 mins. or so. I still love glam so much! The whole genderfuck and everybody-is-a-star aspect of it still make me shiver and shake with antici.............pation.
Now I'm looking up economics conferences to go to.
I can't figure out if I'm boring or dedicated.
You decide.

try try again

well, let's see how this works out. errgh.....errrgh...

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