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I created the Sound of Madness.

Wrote the book on pain.

Somehow I'm still here,

To explain..

Welcome to my house of intrigue, my little nitch of the internet space we call the world wide web that i have carved out and now dedicate to my multiple personalities. Because isn't that what a character is? A part of you, it's creator, it's player, it's brood-mother. You are it, and what you are is complex. Every inch of imagined thought put into the designs and schematics of my characters is designed to represent me and built to allow me to act as I would not in some situations. It allows me to lean heavily upon emotions that normally are hidden from most. It gives the chance to react to situations with an obscene amount of rage, anger, sadness, glee, horror, honor, respect, and even lust. It gives one a chance to let the little pieces out that if they were displayed so openly in polite society you would be locked away forever.  So I welcome you to myself, and thank you for taking the time to show interest in the many parts of me and what they strive to create. As you can see everything is divided accordingly so tracking down certain names and faces won't be to difficulty. Hell I even alphabetized them for you! So again, enjoy, and never hesitate to ask to meet any of my persona's in character. I am always more than happy to oblige. 


<3 Ebby