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The mysterious "priestess" known as the Dark Prophetess is of average height and weight. She dresses in a long, loose and flowing cowled robe of pitch black cotton. The robe's cowl is deep and shadowed so that her face remains hidden and the robe's sleeves are long to hide her hands. A clawed jaundiced hand snakes out from the robe and reaches up to draw back the cowl to reveal her face: a maw of fang-like teeth, two of which are predominately permanent ; taught jaundice skin that pronounces her veins and exposes a skeletal rictus mask; and bat like ears. What remains of her once extraordinary beauty now resides with her long burgundy and black hair and her haunting emerald eyes that have sunken back some and have dark circles surrounding them to accent their preternatural glow; this appearance is merely an illusion of her power. she has a a saint-like quality that is hard to pinpoint but cannot be denied. [Merit: Sanctity. Flaws: Permanent Fangs & Glowing Eyes]