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QuEEn And Cinderella
A Play by,
Wendy Rodriguez
Queen: “Mirror mirror in my hand who is
the fairest of all the land?”
 Mirror: “Well, not you!”
 Queen: “what!, oh you piece of
err!(slams mirror down) ..hey, (picks the
mirror up) if I’m not the fairest, then
who is?”
 Mirror: “Why, my my, Ms. ugly,
wants to know... the princess Kystal!”
 Queen:  (mirror put down) “Well
we’ll have to do something about that! “
 End scene
 kystal: (brushing hair) “La de da
de da (child’s voice) oh beautiful hair, I
don’t need no nair!” (singing to brush)
 Fairy:  “ohh, I have come in at a
wrong time.”(plugs ears).
 Kystal: “OH fairy god mother!
whats up in the woods!”
 Fairy:  “Oh. well not much, but
someone is plotting to put a spell on you
 Kystal: “What, that’s not good,
 Fairy:  “Oh you know, the evil
 Kystal: “The Queen! i’m no
match for her! What am I to do! What
am I to do! “(worried, screaming in
 Fairy:  “Well, i’m not to sure yet
umm... “
 End Scene
 Queen: (in lab,) “Iggor! get me
the bag!”
 Iggor: “Get the bag, I always get
the bag! I’m tired of the bag. (brings bag)
Here’s your cauldron, and spices, and
other spices.”
 Queen: “Thank you Iggor, now
hand me everything I ask for! Ear of a
 Iggor: “Ear of a nute, ear of a
nute. Oh here!”
 Queen: “Ear of a nute! Now, tail
of a donkey!”
 Iggor: “Tail of a donkey, tail of a
donkey. Oh here!”
 Queen: “Tail of a donkey! Now
Iggor, hand me the, Nair!!” (menacing
 Iggor: “Nair, nair, oh! Nair!”
 Queen: “Nair! (laughter) Now
chant Iggor! Oh holy cauldron I do boil
make Kystal into something (thinks)
Ugly! make her into a hag or some sort
of an old bag!” (laughter)
End Scene
 Kystal: “Ohh fairy godmother, I
don’t feel so good. Ohh! there’s
something in my mouth, mmm it tastes
like cotton! What’s happening to me!”
 Fairy: “Well, I, I don’t know!
Ummm “(zaps Kystal with wand)
 Kystal: “OWWW! what you
trying to do kill me!”
 (somewhat muffled)
 Fairy: “Well, no!” Oh bad waund!
(gets new waund, and zaps Kystal)
 Kystal:  “OWWW!! you are
trying to kill me! what’s happened to me!
what am I!”
 Fairy: “Well you look like a, dufel
 Kystal: “A duffel bag! I cant be a
duffel bag, what the_ ! oh what am I to
do what am I to do!”
 Fairy: “Well I don’t know, umm
let me get your prince, we can think up
something, I hope. GUARD!”
 Guard:  “YES MAM! “
 Fairy:  “Get prince valiant! we
need him now!”
 Queen: Well ,(piercing into her
mirror), “Mirror mirror in thy hand, who
is the beautifulest of all the land?”
 Mirror: “Well, my queen,  you
are. However your spell went wrong and
well, you turned Kystal into a bag!, now
someone like, oh lets say, prince Valiant
can, avenge her!”
 Queen: “Prince valiant, oh he is
no match for me! no one is!”
 Fairy: “Guard! sometime this
century please!”
 Guard: “Sorry mam! Here he is!”
 Fairy: “Um, can you move?”
 Guard: “Uh, yes mam, sorry
 Prince V: “Hey, what’s up fairy
 Fairy: “Well you see the evil
queen, turned Kystal into a bag, and we
need to avenge her, and get her back to
 Prince V: “Oh, hey Kystal, how’s
it goin’?”
 Kystal: “What do you mean! I a
 Prince V: “Oh yeah, ok, so
what’s the plan?”
 Fairy: “Ok, you go to the castle.”
 Prince V: “I go to the castle.”
 Fairy:  “You knock on the door,
and they let you in.”
 Prince V: “I knock on the door
and they let me in!
 Fairy: “They lead  you to the
queen and, you then assassinate her!”
 Prince V:  “I assassinate the
queen! With what? “
 Fairy: “Anything!, now go!”
End Scene
 Prince V: Ok, so I leave the
castle, and I close the door, ‘cous they
don’t like it when I leave it open. So i’m
walkin’,  and I pass a tree, and another
tree, and then a cow, and a horse, and
another tree, and a cow. Moo. Oh and
then i”m at the queens door, and I knock,
but no one is answering the door, so I
knock louder. “Is anyone home!”
 Queen: Iggor! I think someone is
at the door.
 Iggor: Are you sure?
 Prince V: Hello!, is someone
 Queen: Yes Iggor someone Is at
the door.
 Iggor: Shall I get it? (afraid of the
 Queen: nooo!, I only pay you do
nothing around here. you idiot! get the
 Iggor: “ohhh, ok.”  I go to get
the door, but I hate getting the door
‘cous, i’m always afraid, someone might
be on the other side
 “who’s there?”
 Prince V: (violently knocking and
screaming) “IS ANYONE HOME!”
 Iggor: “Who, is there!”
 Prince V: “Oh! It’s prince
 Queen: “Who is it Iggor?”
 Iggor: “Its the prince! shall I let
him in?” (shouting)
 Queen: “Yes, but check him at
the door way!” (Shouting)
 Iggor: “Hey V.”
 Prince V: “Hey, can I see the
 Iggor: “Yes but before you come
in you must leave all guns, knives,
potients, drugs, spells, and any other
harmful parifinalia here.”
 Prince V: “Aww, Dam! (dropping
his “harmful stuff” ) gun, knives, swards,
drugs, errr other drugs, ok.”
 Iggor:  “Ok, now I can show you
to the Queen.”
 Prince V: So i”m walkin’, and the
place is pretty scary, ‘cous its evil in all,
and then we turn the corner and I see the
Queen,and she says.
 Queen: “Oh Prince valiant! kiss
my hand.” (puts out hand)
 prince V: And I kiss her hand.
 Queen: “So what brings you
 Prince V: “Well you see you
turned Kystal into a bag, and I did come
here to assassinat you, but then Iggor
made me leave all my stuff at the door,
so I guess I have to ask nicely. can you
please change Kystal back?”
 Queen: “Well, (thinks) no! ‘Cous’
then I wouldn’t be the prettiest!, look,
(opens a secret door), down there.”
(points down)
 Prince V: “Down there?”
 Queen: “Yes down there, there is
an old box with pictures in it, can you
bring it up?”
 Prince V: “Yeah I guess so.”  So
I go down there, and its really dark in all,
‘cous’ there’s no light really, and i”m
looking around, and, I don’t see no box!
”Hey I don’t see a box!”
 Queen: “Are you sure?” (closes
 PrinceV: “Hey its really dark
down here! i”m afraid of the dark!”
 Queen: “Oh well to bad! I have
locked you down there, and now no one
can avenge Kystal, and I will be the
pritiest! “(laughter)
 PrinceV: “HELP ME! IM
 Queen: “Oh no one can hear you,
to bad, now I turn you into something! “
ohhh holly powers, turn this prince, in
my dungeon into something, oh I don’t
know, bad!
 Prince V: “Hellllp!!!!”
 Queen:  “Oh see evil prevails!”
(Menacing laughter)
The End