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This is the writings page.
Everything here I my self have Writen. Plagerisum is bad, so dont think about it ok.


Song and Lyrics page

-~# A BUM #-~
                       Oh come the little children
                                                                Queen and Cinderella

~!* The Toung*!~
My toung is stuck to the pole
Winters little curiosities
My toung is turning blue , its cold!
Winter brings monstrosities.
They came, and went.
Chains, saws, and drills!
scolded me while I sorrly wept.
my new friend, Mr.Pole medicated with
his pills
You stupid girl, who does dumb
I was only curious about the ice.
We should saw your tong off, among
other things!
Im not stupid enough to do it twice!
Cut it off cut it off your stupid toung!
No no my friend, hell Im to damn