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March 2008  

Talking Trees mini album Revolation was released on March 10th and can now be purchased from this site (see Listening to/Buy Talking Trees page). Sadly, Revolation will not be available in the shops due to our Distributor/Designated Driver, a certain Brian 'man tits' McVitie taking an ill timed sabbatical to catalogue his extensive collection of Razzle magazines, circa 1974-93. Let's hope he fails to discover the rather nefarious thieving of the November 82 issue with Gurt and her quite wonderful four page spread of pillar box jumping.

We ate a horse last Tuesday.

And get this, pilgrims: Talking Trees are in the process of choosing new and old tracks to be made available as individual downloads in the near future. Rumour has it that one of these will be the previously unreleased 15 minute wig out entitled 'Are Those My Slippers You're Wearing, Frank?' TREES ED

Whoa midgets.





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  bbTalking Trees debut and delusionland albums are still available to buy via this site (see link above) or as a high quality download from Woven Wheat Whispers (see link below). You can also download each cover, which is nice. It is hoped that future releases will also be on vinyl. (Not that we hanker after the good old days when men were men and women did as they were told, it is simply that we miss sniffing the inside of the sleeves.)

Download from Woven Wheat Whispers:

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