If you have ever looked up anything on Wicca you will know that Wicca is a religion that is as diffrent from one person to the next as it can be. There are so many diffrent things about Wicca which some choose to believe and others do not. There is one thing that remains the same though: Wicca revolves around the Goddess. Whether her name be Isis or Diana or even Athena, every Wiccan that I have ever met serves the Goddess. Some choose also to serve a God while others do not. I think that most of them do. I know that I do. I see that there must be a certian balance in the dieties as there is in nature, a feminine and masculine side. Wicca is also a nature based religion. A lot of people that I have known that are into Wicca started out thinking, well Wiccans can do whatever they want, so if someone pisses me off, I can curse them and send them to Hell. If they are in it very long however, they find that these are things that no Wiccan must do. Wiccans generally follow the advice of THE REDE which states that we must harm none. Not to mention that most Wiccans do not believe in Hell or Satan. Im happy to know also that most of these wanna be Wiccans that get into the religion stay in because of the respect and love that Wicca holds for nature. They learn about it and most love it immediatly. People tend to hear the word "witch" and run screaming for a church throwing holy water behind them because of the many ugly rumors that people have spread about Witches for many many decades. Witches are not evil however, and we dont kill black kittens on Halloween. In fact most witches probably dress their black kitten up and carry it around in their cloak on Halloween so that he or she wont have to be home alone. (Most wiccans tend to spoil their darling little familiars) We love animals, we love trees, and most of the time we try real hard to love humans (although the Fudamentalist tend to make that difficult at times). Were not perfect, we dont claim to be. Some of us are hell raisers, some of us are sluts, some of us actually marry preachers. Some of us stand in line for hours to donate blood. Some of us, alot of us actually, are very enviromentally cautious and some of us stand up and warn everyone else that they should be too. Witches are people with kids, who love knowledge, as knowlege is a big part of our religion. Witches are people who stand on the corner at Christmas time collecting spare change for the Salvation Army. Witches are people who volunteer at the hospital. Witches also get pissed and punch someone when they say something bad, or throw a brick at a cat because they're tearing up the garbage....Witches are people. We're black, we're white, we're asian, we're a little bit of it all, we're Irish, we're German, we're Chinese, or maybe even Arabic, hardly any of us are green anymore, but some of us are large, some thin, some are tall, some are short, wer'e old, we're young, we're hicks, we're rich aristocrates. Some of us are gay, some of us are bi. Some of us are even CHRISTIANS!!!!! Witches are everywhere. Your husband may be a witch, or your daughter. Were not bad people as a whole, were just people.

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