The Goddess

Since the beginning of time, Wiccans have believed and worshipped a Goddess. However, most have actually worshipped a god as well. In recent times, the world has become so preoccupied with the God that some tend to try to make up for that by obsessing ourselves with the Goddess. In my beliefs, I must hold the God and Goddess both dear and keep a balance between the two of them. I pray to each of them everyday and night. They both are the Creators, they both love me and wrap me in their light. Basically they are my parents. They live with me, within me around me, close to my heart, and they keep me safe the best they can. The main diffrence between the Christian God and the Wiccan God and Goddess, is that Wiccans see their deities as living here upon Earth, in nature, not in a distant place watching the world. The God and Goddess are called by many diffrent names, and it is impossible to keep up with all of those names, but basically they are ONE. Well, two. The Goddess is one no matter how many names that she holds and the God is one no matter at all his names. Some people ask me if there is only one...then why are there so many diffrent names. I think that there are so many diffrent names because humans named them. They give them a name that they felt comfortable with and then through time as languages changed the names were translated time and time again, and so we have a world full of names. When I tell them my thoughts on the subject the statement to usually follow is...Well, my God only has one name. To this I say, "What is His name?" And they say God. Well, technically God isnt even a name. Yeah it could be, but a god is a being. Besides, after all of this, if you read in the Bible, He is called I AM, Omega, Alpha, Jesus, the Holy Spriit, Father, Son, The Omnipotent, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and so on. The Christian god has many many names. Its not so uncommon. I mean look at all the diffrent names for EVERYTHING. Anyway, I have one last point to make on the Goddess and then I will be done for now. The Christian God says that man was made in his image right? So if there is no Goddess, whose image was woman made in? I know I know, Adam needed a companion. But God could have created two men. God can do what he wants remember?