Life after Life

Most Wiccans believe that when we die our spirits move on to the Summerlands where our spirits rest and meditate upon what it has learned in the previous life until it is ready to move on to the next. Some believe that we can be reincarnated into the human body only, but many believe that we can be reincarnated into any living thing. I for one believe that we are given the choice to be incarnated into anything that we wish to be at the time we were reside in the Summerlands. The Summerlands are a type of Heaven I suppose, because it is a spirtual plane and we can only go there if we die. However, I dont find that many percieve it as a perfect place, and I have found that NONE believe that we HAVE to stay there. I also find that no Wiccans believe in an alternate place that we must go to if we are "bad" or if we dont follow the god and goddess perfectly. The Summerlands are basically a resting place for our tired souls. I think that we also have a choice of whether or not to stay there and reside or to be incarnated on earth again, or possibly other worlds.

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