Wiccan VS. Satanism

Wicca is far diffrent from Satanism. The religions are totally diffrent from one another. However, I will not sit here and say Wicca is wonderful, Satanism is evil. First of all, Im not a Satanist, therefore I do not know much about thier beliefs. Satanism and Wicca do have some things in common however. Some Satanists follow the Lord and the Lady and some do not, which means that Satanism is as complex as Wicca. If you want to learn more about Satanism, please feel free to click the link below. Wiccans do not believe in the Christian idea of Satan, and I am fairly sure that Satanists dont either. I think that their god Lucifer is as wonderful to them as my god is to me. Satanist tend to be very rude sometimes, although in my opinion you cant blame them. Christians are not the only ones who persecute them. Pagans also tend to believe that their path is of evil and darkness. Im sure that some of them get into the religion because of that very thing, but the people that I have gotten to know in recent times are anything but dark and evil. They happen to be a bit strange (ok a lot lol) but then again so am I.

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