Cartoon picture of goth chick stolen from Angela's site.

i've waited a long time for this
it feels right now
allow me to introduce myself
i want you to come a little closer
i'd like you to get to know me a little bit better
meet the real me
sorry you can't define me
sorry i break the mold
sorry that i speak my mind
sorry i don't do what i'm told
sorry if i don't fake it
sorry if i come too real
i will never hide what i really feel
huh, so here it is
no hype, no gloss, no pretense
just me
sorry if i ain't perfect
sorry i don't give a -what-
sorry i ain't a diva
sorry just know what i want
sorry i'm not a virgin
sorry i'm not a slut
i won't let you break me
think what you want
to all my dreamers out there - i'm with you
all my underdogs, ha - i feel you
lift your head high and stay strong
keep pushin' on

Name: Lily, Liliya, Rayve, Miss Kitty, "Hey, you!" and whatever else you manage to dig up.

Sex: 100% chick. Last time I checked.

Age: Two years short of 21.

Birthdate: 3 June 1985, making me a Gemini. And that is relevant WHY?

Hair Color: Black.

Eyes: Green sans contacts, blue with. Always coated with eyeliner.

Height: 5'2. That's pushing it.

Relationship Status: Very, very, very (let me stress this) very taken.

Number of Piercings: Changes to the day. I have something like 20, but wear certain ones on certain days.

Pairs of Shoes Owned: About 130.

The things that will one day make me deaf: A Perfect Circle. Zeromancer. Deadsy. Murderdolls. Bella Morte. VNV Nation. Slipknot. In Flames. Marilyn Manson. Nine Inch Nails. Snake River Conspiracy. Tool. Nirvana. TSOL. Cold. Human Waste Project. Static-X. Smashing Pumpkins. Icon of Coil. Hole (sue me). London After Midnight. Soulfly. Chevelle. Jack Off Jill. Sepultura. Stone Sour. Coal Chamber. AFI (very old). Nora. Tilt. Finger Eleven. Kittie. Korn (very old). My Ruin. Scarling. skycamefalling. Tiamat. Sugarcoma. Garbage. Mushroomhead. Thursday. Alice In Chains. Skindive. System of a Down. Everytime I Die. Green Day. The Living End. Stabbing Westward. Mad Caddies. Pearl Jam. Also a lot more that naming would require locating my CDs.

Pets: Two furry things that meow a lot and that I love to death.

Nails: I can see three in the wall right infront of me. I tried getting a hammer to remove them but was unable to. They are in there pretty good.

Location: The nicest parts of hell, or, in other words, the northern Chicago suburbs. Hooray.

Occupation: For the time being I am employed by Hot Topic. Say what you want. I get a paycheck. In addition I go to school everyday to get learned.

"Religion": No morals to stop me.

Type: B. Until I get in my car. Then I'm a type AAA. Heh.

Something Interesting: There is a church in my shoe.

This is all for now. I will probably add more later.

Grandma take me home...