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June: time to study for my exams... meanwhile, just let me play BOF for a while...

Note: Sketches Section is loaded.. and SLIGHTY done

Thats rite... my exams start RIGHT after the JUNE holidays(I study in JC... and for u guys who don't live in Singapore, its Pre-Universty.. something liddat).. but... instead of studying, i am having fun with my PS2 and Gamecube... playing .Hack(neat concept), Breath Of Fire 5(cool and fun.. its a survivor RPG for u guys.. and for those who enjoy tough games), Skies of Arcadia: Legends(Gamecube, its my favourite type... its not as linear as many RPG but its still a great RPG... i dare to say its as good as FFX or even better... well, thats MY opinion), Onimusha 2(i needed something to fill up the Devil May Cry gap in me..), etc

Speaking of the Devil May Cry gap in me, those of u who are hungry for some Devilish action can try Chaos Legion.. i heard that its better den DMC2 even though its not up to the legendary DMC1... and its by Capcom too...

I have to rush through my revision liao... so Ciao!

May: Buried in mountain of sch work

Sorry... didn't update my site as much again... will work on a new version of the site ASAP... meanwhile, check out this DMC Desktop theme... Hard work of stupendous Aragalion, alrighty! Download here

April: Nope, I am not dead, hell tat is no April Fool's Joke

April 22: You guys dunnoe just how how serious Sars is here in Singapore(Don't worry, SARS don't spread online, and touch wood... i don't have SARS either.. well... i hope they get well soon and the SARS settle down soon, in time for my fren's lil gathering) SARS WARS and this new currency Iraq is going to have: New Iraq Currency

Sorry dudes... pretty busy with school, drawings, games and SARS(Of course I don't have SARS, you idiot)... The stupid disease just got worse last few days... Fortunately, things calmed down these few days... Just like the war in Iraq? Not that I care anyways(except for the innocent lifes lost).

Games i am busy with currently: Devil May Cry 2, Romance Of 3 Kingdoms VII(yeah, i got back to the game), NBA 2K3(basic routine), Phantasy Star Online, Wild Arms 3 and... dunnoe...

Now that i get my broadband(but there still something wrong with the stupid broadband... hmmm...), I am d/ling animes like Gundam Wing... and maybe Evangelion too... Especially after i rewatched the End Of Evangelion on VCd... need to recollect, yeah? Yeah.

Oh yeah, and more about Devil May Cry 2, I played the game, yeah, disppointing, but NOT as disappointing as some ppl said... sure, the game is too easy for many people... but i am sure that there is people who is glad that the game isn't as hard as the damned Shinobi(well, i am one of them, do you have a problem with tat?). Well, then again, maybe not.... the bosses are easy, blah blah. But, the game is still fun after all. I just love shooting... behind the head, cross handed.. u know, everything you can expect from a Hong Kong action movie.... running up the walls... Basically, it doesn't disappoints me as much as Shinobi does....its still fun... Oh, and no forgetting the close range devil, Lucia. She can dice in seconds, shoot darts at those sneaky monsters, change into demon form, blah blah. Isn't the sidekick I would thought she is.. more of a... playable Trish, i would say... yeah...You will know why after a day of playing(or aleast playing and switching between the 2 dics.)

MY current scores for it still lingers around 7.5-8/10 cause i am constantly switching between the 2 characters... And i am only at the beginning stages... both 7-8 i believe. Its still enjoyable but not as good as the mind blowing debute, i am afraid.

January: New year and incoming Chinese New Year

News updated, how my Chinese New year went.... sort of.

18-1-03 YES!!! Over 10000 people have visited my websitE!!! YES!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! So, here's my little Thank You speech!!! Firstly, I would like to give my sincerest thank to those ppl who made my days by signing my guestbooks!! Secondly, I would like thank all the supporters and ppl who have visited my website!! I would oso like to thank ppl who anticipated in my polls to upgrade my little website!!! =) And finally, THANK YOU!!!!

Days left to play DMC2 is only in SINGLE digits!!! Sad to say this but to some of our friends, they may only see DMC2 some days later or even MONTHS later(think Europe)

Time sure flies, I was happily playing as the bad ass slashing the bad fat bird and before i know it, I am already waiting eagerly for DMC2.... hmm... Too many games, too little time.... Not forgetting how much fun has the school added(sch holidays end Jan 1st). Thanks gov, for giving us a month of holidays after a major exam!(and in 2 years time I willl have A'levels exams, fabulous)

Anyways, I updated my basketball manga.... pls read my comic(or at least comment on them) @ That is if you are into manga and/or basketball.

December: Merry X'mas!

Firstly.... i would like to wish all my visitors Happy Holidays!(scroll down for a new poll)

Looks like my school holidays are ending.... sigh.... too many games too little time... Specking of games.... i nearly forgot to report on how Shinobi flares....

imo, its pretty good but Sega is not doing its job....

Lets say its repetitive and a little irritating.... but most suitable for hardcore gamers and gamers who find even DMC's hard and DMD a piece of cake...

Well, thats just my little opinion

Anyways, here's a list of the finest action games i have played on PS2 so far(I can't find MGS2.... =(

Devil May Cry: 9/10
Rygar: 8.5/10 (it feels like DMC... 
except it occurs in the past... camera 
feels similar to DMC too)
Kingdom Hearts: 8/10(stupid camera.... 
i get dizzy after the Tazan stage but i 
still managed to beat the level)
Shinobi: 7/10 (disappointing... 
repetitive and irritating... i got 
sick of stage 5a..... how can a ninja, 
standing on a platform, die and when 
the stupid water level rise? @#%*&$) 

Alright, enough of all these crap(like one of my visitors said in the guestbook).... there is little update this month... sorry, but do expect a new version of the webby after DMC2.... =) which means i will finally upload my sketches section

November: O'Levels are here

I am going to concentrate on my O'levels exams... so no news.... Do yourself a favour, go buy Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and keep yourself busy this month.

YES! Liverpool lost 1-0! YYEESSSSS!!!!!! Then, Man-u lost 3-1 to Manchester City!!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! I AM SOOOOO HAPPY! =)

Btw, scroll down for a little poll....

October:O'Levels incoming...

4000 people have visited my website! Yahoo! =)

New Devil May Cry 2 pics (I took)! DMC2

Release date for Devil May Cry 2 in Japan confirmed (thats what i hope...) and that means you won't see your game sitting under the chrismas tree this year...

The big DURIANS in Singapore!

Considering making a website for my class 4FG 2002 of Chung Cheng High Main, so watch out folks!


Check out(updated 9th Oct): One Piece on Gamecube!(WHY NOT PS2??), comics to come out in Oct, 2 DMC2 trailers even I have not watched!, PS2 games release list and UPDATED Shinobi News.

And i finished my Items sections too... Just in time to revive DMC2?

September: Happy Teachers Day!

I meant to complete my Items section today, but ended up finishing the Weapons section instead. Sometimes, I can't stand myself cause I am too smart....

Can you find the secret comicstrip on my website? If you can, email me... No reward but your name will be... erm.... credited on the Credits page...?

Today (Friday, Teacher's Day eve's eve) went back to my primary school, Maha Bodhi School... meet up with my favourite teacher Mr Tan(pri 4 form-teacher) and my pri 5 and 6 form-teacher, Mr Wong... and they still remember me... Wow... and also meet up with my old Pri 5/6 friends, Zijie, Angeline Lee, Angeline Chong(i think so), Yanling(i think so), lao Kok, Huiling(according to my friend), Alvin Lee, Evelyn Tan, Niap Soon(i think so)... did i forgot anyone? Oh, and Beng(we play console games at end of years) and Tian Cai (same secondary school)...

So... please sign my guestbook ESPECIALLY if you are a Maha Bodhi student/ex-student, Chung Cheng High Main student/ex-student, THANKZ

August: National Day

Currently looking for old games (for Gensis/Megadrive 2, Sega and Neogeo Pocket). So if you live in Singapore and know of any shop, email me!! THANKZ!!

busy busy, while i am away, enjoy these great articles Top articles or National day not the same

YES!!! Man-U LOST!! 2-0 to Ajax!!! Thus I must study harder so that Man-U will lose again! Haha (what am I saying??)

Presenting MY comic part 1!!! (click on the link)

The Beginning

This is my second website but I hope you enjoy your stay...And remember to sign in the Guestbook, THX!







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