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These are song music for the guitar. I decided to make this section because I haven't seen one
like it yet on the net. Probably because no one who watches anime plays the guitar, or vice
versa. Well, I'm breaking new boundries cuz I do both!*

* Note: At the time this page was made, it was kind of true, but now, it's not. So ignore that part about "no one who watches anime plays guitar"

These tabs are not violating any laws, such as copyright infringment, because they are someones interpertation of a song (something like that, it's the same reason MIDI is legal)
So feel free to print them out, or to put them on your site
(but make sure you give credit to the right person)

don't have too many yet, because I don't know what to tab. You can send a request
here, just say what song you want and what anime it's from. I'll also do video game songs too.

I made a Key/ How to Play Guitar for those who are new to tabs or guitar
NOTE ABOUT RECORDINGS: I made recordings of me playing some of the tabs, just to help people out who aren't even sure if the tab is right. It's more for reassurance and is reliable because I'm playing the tab. They are only intros or solos so they should only take a minute or two to download...

Updates/ New Tabs

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The name in bold is me.
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All animes and videogames by their distributors and creators.

DO YOU WATCH ANIME AND PLAY GUITAR? if so, send a tab in! oh yeah!

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A quick about me I've been playing guitar for about 2 years. I'm 16 and I live in Wisconsin.
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