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The Great Goddess Jackie

Welcome to my lair all you insignificant mortals. This is the Great Goddess JAckie. You have just stummbled upon my almighty website. No one will ever know for sure what they may find here. One may find things to make you happy or things to make you regret you were ever born. So please step in and have a good time. Muhahahahaha

I am going through a huge change in this website. I just reset my counter and I am working on better pages in here. This website originated back four years ago, so there are a lot of things that are different now. Please bare with me as I make these changes. I will be adding new and better pages every week... so yeah... come back every week to check out something cool. soon I will have a forum up in here and a bunch of other stuff. yes.. that means this site will no longer be about me, but of things that actually matter. well... I better get to work.

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