Well..if you don't know what anime is, I don't know what you're doing here *grin* This page is dedicated to my favorite anime..which is currently Yuu Yuu Hakusho and Weiß Kreuz..which, coincidentally (sp?) are 2 of the only 3 series I own in completion *grin* I really like Rayearth, too..but the ending was just a little weeeiiird. But anyways.. on with it!

Yuu Yuu Hakusho
      Yuu Yuu Hakusho is a story about a team of Reikai Tantei (Spirit World Detectives.) um..a bit of background. There are three worlds, the Reikai (the spirit world, think heaven/hell), the Ningenkai (the human world, i.e. earth), and the Makai (the demon world..uh..where the demons live^_^.) The story begins with this boy named Yuusuke Urameshi, and he gets hit by a car and dies. His spirit is met by Botan, a guide to the Reikai who is sent to carry his spirit off. But since Yuusuke's death was accidental, they give him a chance to resurrect himself..and so blah blah, Yuusuke comes back to life!! He befriends Kazuma Kuwabara, who used to be his arch rival (they're both big bullies at their respective schools) and they start working as Tantei for Koenma, the King of Hell's son^_^
      And so the first thing Yuusuke has to do (he starts off doing the work on his own as payback for being resurrected, Kuwabara joins in later sort of accidentily) is retrieve the three treasures of the Makai. I don't remember the names of the treasures right now (well, I remember one) but Yuusuke sets off and he meets Kurama. Kurama has the Mirror of Utter Dark, which will grant the owner a wish when the moon is full. Kurama, Yuusuke finds out, is really a reincarnated youko (fox demon) who was killed in the Makai and fled to the Ningenkai and hid in the womb of Shiori Minamino, and so was born as her son, Shuuichi. Kurama is a good guy..he stole the Mirror to save his mothers life, who was sick in the hospital. He told Yuusuke that if Yuusuke would give him three days, he'd return the mirror and turn himself over to the Reikai for his punishment. So Yuusuke goes to the hospital with him, and Kurama attempts to use the Mirror of Utter Dark. To save his mothers life, however, he must give up his own. Yuusuke realizes that Kurama really is a good guy, and sacrifices a bit of his own life so Kurama doesn't have to give up his. Big cheery ending, No one dies *grin*
      The second demon who stole one of the treasures (there were three demons, we don't care about the third^_^) was Hiei. He's this short bad tempered little cross between a fire demon and an ice demon (loooong story.) Hiei had this sword thing (can't remember the name) that would turn anyone who as stabbed by it into a demon. To keep Yuusuke from killing him, Hiei kidnaps his girlfriend, Keiko. Using his Jagan, a third eye he had implanted on his forehead to look for his sister (yet another looong story), he tries to turn Keiko into a zombie-type-mindless-thing. So Hiei and Yuusuke fight, and Hiei's about to stab Yuuske when WHAM!! Kuramas shown up and thrown himself in front of Yuusuke (Kurama, already being a demon, can't turn into one.) So Yuusuke defeats Hiei, and its all good^_^
      And so theres the first like.. 10 odd eps^_^ Later on, when Yuusuke and Kuwabara are sent to the Makai to defeat these demon crime lords, Hiei and Kurama show up to help them along. As punishment for their crimes, they hafta become a part of Yuusukes Reikai Tantei team..and it all goes on from there *grin* It's a great series.. I know most of the spoilers, and I've seen about half the series itself..but my DVDs have the CRAPPIEST subbing known to man, so its slightly difficult at times to know whats going on^_^ But YYH was recently bought out by an American Company, so I'll be able to get my favorite episodes professionaly subbed *grin* But the series is roughly 112 episodes long, with 2 movies. WAI!

Weiß Kreuz
      AH! This is my ALL TIME favorite anime.. I am completely obsessed with Weiß! This series is 24 episodes long with 2 OVA..the title is German, it means "White Cross." The b/g story is this..theres this group of assasins (Yoji, Omi, Ken, and Aya (from left to right respectively)) who are called Weß Kreuz. They hunt down the vermin, like drug lords, kidnappers, molesters, stuff like that..the evil people in society. So thats what they do at night *grin* During the day, however, they work at a flower shop called Koneko No Sume Ie (roughly, Kitty in the House.) Well.. Omi goes to school, the other guys work. Theres this whole thing with how all the school girls like, live at the shop because they love to watch the hot guys running it^_^ But the first arc is all about them hunting down the Takatori family, and the strange relations Aya and Omi have with that family (I'd say more, but that'd be spoiling it^_^), and its then when they meet Schwartz, which is another assasin group (and their rivals) consisting of Schuldich (a telepath), Crawford (he can foretell events), Nagi (he's telekinetic), and Farfello (uh.. he hates Gods and loves knives..he's a major masochist^_^;;). They also meet Schreindt, an all female assasin group, but no one cares about them *grin* heehee..but this is such a great series, I love it so much. As soon as I have money *nervous laughter* I wanna buy some of the CDs..because the music is just awesome. The seiyuu (voice actors) for Yoji, Omi, Aya, and Ken, have BEAUTIFUL voices, and they have their own music group (called Weiß *grin*)

This is just a small gallery of some of my favorite anime pics..expect a longer loading time..and me gushing. A lot. lol