Aloha! and welcome to my little anime gallery...I know that like, no ones ever gonna look at this.. but I WILL..heehee^_^ And those few anime fans out there..or those creepy people who like to listen to me talk o.O on with the pics!!!

[Yuu Yuu Hakusho][ Fushigi Yuugi][Weiß Kreuz]

Yuu Yuu Hakusho Pics

Well, these are my two favorite YYH characters..Kurama is the redhead..Hiei is the other one. This picture makes me giggle..but I can't explain why...'cause no one will understand (unless you are an avid YYH fanfic reader, comme moi ^_^)
Once favorite characters *grin* Ready for some action (*rofl* ahaha..gomen^_^;;)
Fushigi Yuugi
Ahh..Fushigi first love..heehee. FY was the first anime I ever owned/saw the entire series will always hold a special place in my heart, teehee. My favorite character is Chiriko, followed closely by Chichiri and

My all time favorite picture!!! I have a sticker of this, and I carry it everywhere (well..not really I keep it hidden nice and safe in my room..) Its my favorite character, Chiriko, getting tickled by Chichiri. There are some great fics to go along with this story..*sniffle* so sweet.. And if you know anything about the series..seeing Chiri-chan smiling and happy, it just brings a tear to your eye.. ^_^
Another nice picture..I have a sticker of this one, too! Starting at 12, going clockwise..the guys of Fushigi Yuugi are Mitsukake, Chichiri, Nuriko, Tasuki, Tamahome, Hotohori, and Chiriko. ^_^ daa!
Granted, Tamahome isn't my favorite character..actually, he's one of my least favorite. But this is such a nice picture of Tama with all his little sibs..and its such a sweet pic (*sob*) considering what happens..ahh..I'll be quiet. Yuiren is on his right shoulder, Gyokuran(sp? I'm pulling this all out of memory) on his left, Chuei on by his left knee, and I can never remember the last ones name ^_^;; ahhaha..

Weiß Kreuz

Its not the prettiest picture or anything, but its my two favorite Weiß guys, back to back, with the guys of Schwartz (the series "bad guys" from left to right Nagi, Crawford, Schuldich, Farfello) in red in the background...