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"Hi, iam DJ Mala and i listen to your new song 'new name for our noose'. I would say to you 'It rocks'. keep up the good work and let me now if you have new stuff online." -DJ Mala

"dear baby jesus-- did people write letters to one another back in the 14th century? were they 'e-letters'? what about the jetsons, do they ever meet anyone new besides george? sincerely, mr. spacely" -Snoopy Snowcone Machine of Death

"A performance at Coolpepper's in Pittsburgh turned out very well. I must say The Charisma Carpenter and Oxi Mongo delivered a very delightful piece of harsh sarcasm." -Sodium

"The Charisma Carpenter is a new project by the original Pittsburgh kid. Samples on samples on samples with some yelling over it. It's like public transportation being railroaded through your ear." -Evan's Prosthetic Limb

"Charisma Carpenter is biting 'word noise' ala Big City Orchestra except much more dense and much harsher. I'm expecting big things from this new Pittsburgh oddball project." -J. Lexso

"I hope you leave enough room for my fist, because I'm going to ram it into your stomach!" -New York Times