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  • 12-13-01:The track, "Your Name Is Tattooed On My Arf" is a recent addition to the MP3 site. Also, "Mark of The Best" CDr set to be released late '01/early '02. A Multimedia tour is in the works for Spring/Summer '02 w/ The Charisma Carpenter, Boda P'nodo, Sodium, films & anthropology. More news soon.
  • 09-14-01: Two more new tracks on the MP3 site... "New Name For Our Noose" & "The S.S. Brain Plague". Also, Cleansing Power Of Fire is set to release "Mark of The Best", a The Charisma Carpenter CDR. 22 tracks and full color art work... yum.
  • August 11th: Three news tracks have been uploaded to the site. Look for additional tracks soon.
  • (8/11) TCC tracks were submitted to an upcoming IBOL Records compilation. This comp consists of a magazine & interactive CDr. For more info, check out the IBOL Records site.
  • (8/11) The Evan's Prosthetic Limb rebirth as "The Cleansing Power of Fire" will release a cassette series by Sodium & The Charisma Carpenter. More info soon.
  • Look for four new TCC tracks on the site in upcoming weeks. These tracks include, "The 40's I Like To Hear" & "Conspiring With The Squirrels". More harsh, sample-ridden caca from yours truely.
  • June 6th, 2001 AD: TCC's "Redefining Willful Misconduct..." ranks 748 on's Lo-Fi Play Noise Charts. Today the internet, tomorrow... the world!!!