Tokyo Chainsaw Massacre
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PLOT: An author who really hates Sailor Moon decides to have them murdered by mobs of masked people with chainsaws in this story, in order to show up his detractors. Take that, MSTers!
NEW CHARACTERS: Shigeru Todoroki and a mob of unnamed chainsaw-happy killers
LENGTH: 429 words

COMMENTS: With any fandom you encounter, you have both admirers and detractors. And on both sides of the spectrum, you tend to get some...interesting...people. Of course, the really crazy detractors tend to be the most interesting, just because some of the ways they express their undying, froth-inducing hatred towards their target is many times nothing short of amusing, as well as insane.

This probably qualifies as both. Mainly because, the author has decided to kill the senshi with tons of chainsaws (a weapon that would probably be dislodged from the killers before there was a chance to use it properly) not simply because he hates Sailor Moon and has apparently written a great deal of fanfiction expressing this hatred. His introduction actually calls out people who MSTed his fanfiction and pretty much tells them to stuff it. Which is quite hilarious because he basically calls them by the MST3K characters' names rather than by what their actual names are.

Otherwise, this fanfic is a natural addition to the trollfic section. By the by, judging from my research, I've concluded that if anyone wishes to see more of this person's work (non-fanfiction, unfortunately), just click here for a few minutes of hilarity. The greatest irony is that the main page image is one of my personal favorites of Usagi crying. Go figure, huh?

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