Lust Spell
by Nofretari

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PLOT: Zoicite has one of his youmas cast a spell on the senshi that will make them uncontrollably lust for those they have feelings for. What will happen when it turns out that all of the senshi have the hots for Darien?
LENGTH:2,804 words

COMMENTS: I think it goes without saying this is a hentai. In fact, the title just screams "CHEAP PORN", doesn't it? I think it does, but that's me.

Indeed, we are treated to an extremely badly written OOC public (and pubic) pornfest, literally from the first sentence on, which has a good amount of mispellings and grammar problems to accompany it, along with the occasional lack of spacebar usage. There's also an ungodly amount of incest between everyone in what becomes "Darian's" harem, which makes a lot of that awful Chibi-Usa hentai seem tame in comparison. In fact, it's so bad in this story that it spreads as a practice throughout the galaxy (and am I glad I don't live in that galaxy!). Meanwhile, the girls are transformed in a heartbeat into whores that like nothing more than to be degraded in front of really important people, with Raye and Mina being first in horniness (of course!). No sailor is immune - except Amy, who, while spared from most of the horniness, finds twu wub with Zoicite, the guy who got everyone into this mess to begin with. Makes sense to me!

Honestly, I'm not going to rant and rave about incest and canon and women's rights and how stuff in this fanfic is so wrong or anything, since that's probably not why you came here and I'm pretty sure I do it elsewhere on this site. But I will leave you with one question: Why in the world would Mina want to be laid by "Darian" and Raye's son, simultaneously, without any lubrication? That has to be painful.

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