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The Three Musketeers: The Characters
The Three Musketeers:
Character Page
There are far too many characters that take place in this book for me to catch each one. Here are the characters that played a large role in the book.

This page is rated MILD for spoilers. Those who have not read the book should use caution, but not much will be given away.

  • D'Artagnan--A Gascon with much courage but little money. His dream is to become a musketeer
  • Athos--One of Treville's best musketeers. The silent leader of the group. Often drunk.
  • Porthos--Also a musketeer. The least smart or cunning of the group, he makes up for it with a heart that matches his gigantic size.
  • Aramis--Everything this musketeer wants contradicts everything he is. He is a soldier but wants to be an abbe. A suspected ladies man, Aramis deny's having relations.
  • Planchet--D'Artagnan's servant. Sticks around because he thinks d'Artagnan will someday make a fortune. Extremely loyal, smart, and strategic.
  • Grimaud--Athos' servant. Required to be silent and communicate through gestures.
  • Mousqueton--Porthos' servant. Kind like his master, he is also big and strong.
  • Bazin--Stays with Aramis hoping to join the orders when Aramis does. Very self-righteous, but a loyal servant.
  • Treville--Captain of His Majesty's Musketeers, he acts as a protector to our four main characters. Often at ends with the cardinal.
  • Rochefort--AKA The man from Meung that acts as a mystery phantom to d'Artagnan. Rochefort is the equerry of the cardinal.
  • Cardinal Richelieu--The French Prime Minister. The quartet (athos, porthos, aramis, d'Artagnan--also called the inseperables)consider him one of their greatest enemies.
  • Anne of Austria--The Queen of France, though Spain is her origin. Sometimes at ends with the queen, her real love belongs to the Duke of Buckingham.
  • Louis XIII--The King of France. He is often manipulated/controlled by Richelieu who often brings him to be at ends with his wife.
  • Mmme. Bonacieux--Caught in the political tangles, she get's carried off on more than one occassion. D'Artagnan falls in love with her. She works for the queen.
  • Milady
  • --The true villain of the story. Is said to be more of hell than of earth. She has many different identities, which incase you haven't read the book, I will not give away.
  • Lord de Winter--Brother-in-law of Milady. An english man of high honor who assists the musketeers.
  • Kitty--Servant to Milady. Falls in love with D'Artagnan.

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