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Alexandre Dumas'
The D'Artagnan Romances

Set in 17th century France, Dumas portrays the life of a clever and courageous chevalier. Duels, enemies, kings, wars, politics, and assassins are only some of the many perils that await the daring Gascon and his friends on their journeys.

But beyond this, the books are a piece of art reflecting the change in one's self through the generations, the search for honour while serving ambition, and the healing of painful wounds. More it shows the conflicts of everyday life: The mistakes, the consequences, the fears, and the hopes. Of all the books I have read, none has shown human nature in such an awe-inspiring life-like portrait. These books are a true masterpiece.

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What are the D'Artagnan Romances?

The Romances are a series of three (five) books by Alexandre Dumas. No, we do not mean romances as in love, but as in one man's life. Dumas' language skills and story-telling talent will leave the readers turning the page despite late hours. While he may twist history to suit his fancy, his books are as true to human nature as one can read.

In these books, Dumas has alot to say about the world. His portrayal of life is at times happy and at times sad, but always honest. One should note that Dumas was famous for changing history and full characters to satisfy his plot needs. Emphasized themes in these books include:

  • Strong friendships are above all politics, this is why they last.
  • While love can be a treasure, it makes man the most vunerable and it can destroy.
  • Courage is a necessity.
  • What is wanted is not always gained with a good result. There is no clear view of right and wrong till the story has been told.
  • The insufferable wounds of today will be the scars of tomorrow.
  • Evil does exist.
  • Trust Providence.
  • Only a coward fears not recieving gratification.
  • Life and memory, a needed harmonizing between the younger and older generations.
  • Honour is giving the respect deserved to others and mainly to one's self.
  • Fear politics

  • The Books

    Each book is in it's own unique time and should therefore be taken separately as well as in the whole series. Below is a brief description for each book as well as a general list of characters.
    The Three Musketeers

    D'Artagnan sets off in the world with only 8 crowns and a dream of becoming a musketeer. It isn't long before he meets three good friends, already musketeers, to help him on his journey. While fighting cardinals, seeking love, and dodging assasins, they will be 'all for one and one for all'.
  • The Characters

  • Twenty years After
    Twenty Years After takes place just then, twenty years after The Three Musketeers. Time has taken away much of the youthful ignorance, while political unrest has divided the four friends into two opposing groups.

    The king is now at war with parliament itself, and a new revolutionist group called the Frondeurs is ready to go to violent means to give the power back to the princes. Joining the Frondeurs are the poorer people, angry at being overtaxed. Add all of this to the fact that Planchet (D'Artagnan's once servant) is one of the Frondeurs main military leaders, you have a fantastic book to read!

  • The Characters

  • The Vicomte de Bragelonne or Ten Years Later
    Often divided into three seperate books, The Vicomte de Bragelonne concludes the d'Artagnan Romances. The three books are often entitled: The Vicomte de Bragelonne; Louise de Valliere; and The Man In the Iron Mask.

    This book is full of plots, intrigues,and destinies; but the true point can best be explained in Dumas' own inspiring words:

    "Our readers will have observed in this story, the adventures of the new and of the past generation being detailed, as it were, side by side. To the former, the reflection of the glory of earlier years, the experience of the bitter things of this world; to the former, also, that peace which takes possession of the heart, and that healing of the scars which were formerly deep and painful wounds. To the latter, the conflicts of love and vanity; bitter disappointments and ineffable delights; life instead of memory. If, therefore, any variety has been presented to the reader in the different episodes of this tale, it is to be attributed to the numerous shades of color which are presented on this double palette, where two pictures are seen side by side, mingling and harmonizing their severe and pleasing tones. The repose of the emotions of the one is found in the bosom of the emotions of the other. After having talked reason with older heads, one loves to talk nonsense with youth."- The chapter entitled In which the author thinks it is now time to return to the Vicomte de Bragelonne

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