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Operation Supernatural





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Operation Supernatural






Operation: Supernatural


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My first mod on wolf3d is called operation:supernatural.


What I still need:

An artist. If you are please contact me.

Some time(yes until I don`t get an artist)



Latest news


21 March 2005 : I added a few screenshots to show you how the game is. In the screenshots you can see a number of features like the textured floor and ceiling.Or the directional sprites.


Coding features


Here are the coding features in operation supernatural.

They are in no specific order.


-         More new enemies(1 new guard, 1 new ss, 1 new officer, 1 new mutant)

-         New bosses

-         Textured floor and ceiling.

-         Starry Sky

-         Cloudy Sky

-         New weapons(knife, pistol, machinegun, sten, chaingun, venom, sniper silenced rifle, panzershcrek) and more to come

-         Directional sprites (transparent walls)

-         Animated sprites

-         Teleporter

-         Drugs ( Please do not use in real life!!!!!)

-         Fury and god artifact

-         Invisibility artifact

-         Overheating weapons(sten, venom)

-         Shading

-         Breakable columns and exploding barrels


Operation:Supernatural screenshots

Operation supernatural Story